Monday, 24 August 2015

Parrotphenalia Pinny: Not Just a Sunsuit Tour

 It's technically still winter but I can feel spring coming! Or maybe it's summer, the seasons here are so extreme. Either way it's super exciting to be sewing fun little things and having the kids being able to wear them for longer than it takes for the photos because it is weather appropriate!

I get to kickstart the Not Just a Sunsuit pattern tour! I sewed up the Paneled Sunsuit (a pattern by Designs by Call Ajaire) but opted for a dress instead of the little sunsuit. There's a crazy amount of options in this pattern (my favourite kind of pattern!) which means you get way more bang for your buck and with the hug size range it's definitely the kind of pattern you'll have around for some time! You could sew the standard sunsuit, or make it with long pants instead of shorts. There's options for different skirt lengths, pockets or piping, as well as splitting it in two have having two piece sets or even just a top or bottoms!

I used some more of the 'Parrotphenalia' fabric that used to be a bedspread; I used it first in a pair of pants for Vincent here. Edison absolutely loves this dress. I sewed it up in a size 2, and I've sewn a matching one up for her cousin Ruby (as well as a tiny newborn one for my incoming niece!) so it will be super cute having them all matchy-matchy for the first time in their entire lives.

There is a lot of information in this pattern, which can be a little overwhelming at first (at least it was for me) but it is super useful! Make sure you know what style want to sew up first, which features you want to add or leave out. I sewed up the View D with regular pockets, it's called a jumper but here in Australia that's what we call our sweaters so I've been referring to it as a pinafore (which is probably something completely different for you guys!)

I'm not sure if I cut the skirt too long originally; I cut them out one day and then weeks and weeks later I sewed the up which isn't normally the way I usually sew and probably won't do that again because it was confusing lol. It was quite long on short/round Eddie even after I chopped an inch off the hem, so I think in the end I too about 2-3 inches off and hemmed it. I could have followed the instructions for lengthening/shortening in the bodice, which would have meant the pockets were at a better height for Eddie, but I was super tired and didn't even think that through until after I hacked it up.

The Paneled Sunsuit is available at 15% off during the tour, however if you join the DbCA facebook group you will get an additional 5% off (so that means you can save up to 20% off) but it's only available from August 24 to September 4 (keep this in mind Australians, it will end a day earlier for us because TIMEZONES)

There are SO MANY bloggers joining in on this tour, so it's going to be fun seeing what everyone comes up with and all the different styles and versions sewn! I think next I want to make a few little two-pieces.

Monday August 24th:  Max California | Filles à Maman | Hey June | House of Estrela
Tuesday August 25th: Skirt Fixation | Gracious Threads | Kimmie Sew Crazy | Shaffer Sisters
Wednesday August 26th: Kid Approved | Pinkel | Falafel and the Bee | Once Upon a Sewing Machine
Thursday August 27th: Buzzmills | Pattern Revolution | Sprouting JubeJube | Handmade Martini
Friday August 28th: That's Sew Kari | Lulu & Celeste | Paisley Roots | Modern Handmade
Monday August 31st: Sew Cool for the Tween Scene | Kadiddlehopper | Imagine Gnats | Nap Time Creations
Tuesday September 1st: My Sweet Sunshine | Straight Stitch Designs | Handmade Boy | That's What She Crafted
Wednesday September 2nd: Climbing the Willow | Rebel & Malice | GYCT Designs | Two-Many
Thursday September 3rd: The Crazy Tailor | sewVery | Just Add Fabric | Delia Creates
Friday September 4th: A Jennuine Life | Conversas de Hermanas | Made by Sara | Not Sew Fast

You can also win one of four sunsuit patterns by entering Ajaire's giveaway! Hope you win!

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Friday, 14 August 2015

Under Da Sea: Ariel the Little Mermaid two-piece

"It's a dinglehopper. Humans use these little babies to straighten their hair out. See? Just a little twirl here and a yank there and voila. You've got an aesthetically pleasing configuration of hair that humans go nuts over." 

Last week, Pattern Revolution had a Disney Princess sew-a-long, featuring a handful of similar-in-style patterns from a few great designers. I knew right away who I wanted to sew up, my favourite disney princess ever, Ariel the Little Mermaid. All my life I've had such a fascination with her in particular. I never really liked many of the other disney movies (they're a bit creepy!) but Ariel had my heart and now I'm older I can see a lot of my inspiration in things stems from her. 

I used the Cosette Dress pattern from Violette Fields Threads, but in true me-style, I remixed the heck out of it! Instantly I knew it had to be two piece, the top to emulate her clam-shell bra (in a more appropriate for a three year old sort of way!) with a skirt for her tail. Okay let me tell you that Edison wasn't really impressed with her skit. It wasn't a tail. Nevermind how impractical a tail would be, the kid wants one. Guess what I've started to sew ;)

I found this beautiful batik-dyed purple fabric at Lincraft that just totally reminded me of water and watercolours and it was one of those moments where I knew I had found what I was looking for. 

Read all the details on how I remixed & constructed the top, here on Pattern Revolution.

The skirt I thought I knew what I was doing, and then I didn't, and then I wasn't sure I liked it, but now I know I love it!

 The skirt is the same as the one from the pattern, I just added a waistband with elastic threaded too. I also sandwiched a "fin" between the waistband and the skirt, and it had to be a little larger to be able to be pulled on still over her hips but I really like it! It's not ordinary, which is my jam!

Man, toddler tummies though! So cute!

She aboslutely loves it, which makes me happy because as you know she is very hard to please! We watched the movie a handful of times as I was sewing this up and yes my sketchbook has many more sketches for other inspiration from the movie (Sebastian the crab, Ursula the sea witch, Flounder, even the canvas sail dress!)

Bonus? I made her some mermaid shorts use the knit shorts part of the Clara Set pattern (also from VFT!)!

Now please tell me I'm not alone in thinking that I can actually sing in unison with her during her seashell-voice-stealing solo? Poor Tim.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

To Infinity & Beyond! The Buzz Lightyear Nova Dress

I sewed this dress up last week for the tutorial photos of the Nova Dress (free pattern & tutorial!) but I felt that it deserved a post all of its own because (a) I love this pattern more and more every time I sew it (I've had to sew it a lot to get it right!) and (b) the photos are hella cute!

I just love how radically different it looks just with a less clashing/bold fabric selection. This one used Buzz Lightyear salvaged from a doona cover I bought at the op shop (in my eyes, all bedspreads/sheets are just metres and metres of fabric to use ^_^ ). The pastel yellow is a lightweight cotton twill I also scored at the opshop.

The triangle cut out in this dress is reversed to what is in the junk food dress. The free pattern has it up the way of this Buzz dress but when I digitalise the pattern and re-upload it there will be the option for both triangles (although if you really want the triangle with the apex downward it wouldn't be too hard to flip it!)

Oh that little lip! Poor babe, she'd twisted her ankle a little earlier that day and couldn't really put much weight on it. Precious girl did well modelling though, she just had her foot resting on the ground and put all her weight on the other one. I would pick her up and turn her around for the photos so she didn't have to move at all.

You can see the bias binding triangles at the neck much easier in this dress than against the busy print of the junk food Nova. 

The dress is a tight fit on her to get it on and off, around the side seams, as well as the length so I may fiddle around with that some more. Perhaps it's more of an 18m size? She's pretty tiny for her age. If someone sews this up for their standard 18month old wearing babe could you let me know how it fits?

I'm also hoping to eventually grade it up and down a few sizes when I learn how (seriously womenswear grading was a piece of cake to me. childrenswear? frack).

So yeh when I get around to that I might see if a few of you guys want to do some testing. This pattern will always be free but I just want it perrrrrfect you know?

Also I'm looking into making the big switch from blogger to wordpress. It won't be long coming, I'm pretty excited! There's a few BIG plans in my future as a blogger and a childrenswear designer/seamstress. Sort of going to pull all my skills together and start working toward my dream now the little babe is ALMOST THREE (as in next week ermahgerd). All the resources are there, it's time to put in the hours & the effort!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30 Days of Sundresses: The Nova Dress + free 2T pattern + giveaway

Yes, you're absolutely right. I'm a fake. It's Winter here, and here I am sewing things for Melly Sews' 30 Days of Sundresses when we should be wearing hoodies and jeans and boots. Can you blame me though?

It's alright because I managed to come up with a hella cool dress and Eddie loved it so much it was a battle to put a jumper on her after the photos and to be honest? It wasn't really that cold.

30 Days of Sundresses is an annual event that Melly throws over on her site where you get 30 days chock full of tutorials and free patterns and giveaways for dresses. Not just little girl's dresses, we're talking women's as well! You can enter the giveaway over at Melly Sews Here. This month it's a mystery box of sewing goodness that I know you want your little hands on!

For my little offering I sewed up a fun little dress for Eddie. It took me quite a few versions to get one just right and even as it is the one pictured here has a bit of a gapey neckline. Do not fear! The one in the tutorial that you get a free pattern for is legit!

It's a simple little bodice, with a surprise back...

You can decide which way up you want the triangle...

The neckline is made of knit and without any closures to this dress it slips easily over your babe's clever head. It features some triangles made from bias tape!

And the skirt features two layers of ruffles. It's up to you how ruffly you want it and whether you want them contrasting or the same fabric. It falls about mid-thigh, because I love my toddler dresses 1950s-style short! I know that this length is not popular for everyone but it's not difficult to lengthen the skirts!

 I've also got some directions on how to make it into a sweet two piece! Come back tomorrow to see the little hack for that.

Ready to get started? Read on!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pom Pom Puppet Sleeves

Super stoked to be able to show you the pics of the tester dress I sewed up for Titchy Threads' latest offering, the Safari Raglan! Out of all the patterns I own, I didn't actually have a raglan-sleeved shirt. I had a few self-drafted ones but I was excited to volunteer to test this particular one because (as mentioned in my previous post!) I really enjoy sewing up Titchy Threads patterns and also the options to sew it as a tee, a dress, and with the puppet sleeves was wayyyy too enticing!

You're looking at the Safari Raglan, by Titchy Threads. It's a tee pattern with raglan sleeves but there is also the option to have it as a dress that hits just above the knee on little girls and with short/long/puppet sleeve options its definitely going in my pile of patterns I love to sew over and over! I sewed up the Safari Raglan as a dress for Eddie and did the puppet sleeves!

It is not a complex sew at all, especially if you have sewn raglan-sleeves before (I've been sewing them since I was a teenager and I only knew them as baseball-shirts), and the most time spent on it would be thinking up all the different ways you could embellish the puppet sleeves! I just used what I had on hand to create the puppet faces. Pom-Poms for noses (zig-zag stitched on firmly), buttons for eyes and then I added little triangular ears. I'm not entirely sure what these animals are supposed to be, maybe some bear-cat thing? Eddie thinks that one is a kitty and one is a bear so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

She kept making them kiss

As we are gearing up into Winter here (it took so long to get to Autumn here the weather sort of forgot what it was meant to be doing and flung itself too far and straight into Winter), I've been sorting all the kids winter things out and realising that they have WAYYY too many clothes. Or you know, maybe I should just buy them bigger drawers? Most of it is an assortment of handmade and secondhand because my other skill is pro-op-shopper. Eddie's little pink dunlops here? $1. I bought about 4m of the green spotted fabric her dress is made from for about $6 for the whole bundle and the purple was also an op-shop score that I have metres and metres of (you'll probably recognise it here lol) because most of my fabrics these days are secondhand!

When I first sewed this dress up the ribbing I used was WAY too stretchy and the recovery was pretty bad (that means it doesn't hold it's shape and spring back after being stretched) so the neckline was really wide and didn't look so great. Thanks to Laura's suggestion I switched out the neckbands and used the hot pink from an old t-shirt and as you can see it's a great fit!

Pretty stoked with how this pattern turned out, and the overall fit of it on my little plumpkin! She's short for her age (she goes to Family daycare once a week and she's the oldest by about a year and a half and the shortest!) but I sewed up the 18month size for her with the 2T length (as suggested by Laura) and I'm pretty impressed with how perfect it is on Eddie! This would be a great pattern to reconstruct old t-shirts with!

There's a SALE on over at Titchy Threads, so go and stock up on any patterns of hers you don't have yet!

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