Lemon Butter Wouldn't Melt In Your Mouth

By Max California - May 10, 2009

Last year, for Tim's family Christmas, we made homemade Lemon Butter for everyone.

I hate Christmas and I hate giving & receiving gifts I don't want or need and where obviously not alot of thought has gone into it. You're just getting a present because that's what everyone is doing. I'm not saying EVERY gift is like that, it just seems like people must just panic and grab whatever. I've never celebrated Christmas, except for when I've been with Tim's family, and I've never really been that into it. I've been trying to phase myself back out of those kind of celebrations again anyway. It's difficult!

I hate Christmas for other reasons as well ((I'll save that for a different post)) but that's the main reason. Anyway, my family doesn't celebrate Christmas, so for the last 5 years I've spent Christmas with the Greens. I go to spend time with his family, I would never want to hurt them by boycotting Christmas time completely. I just stay in bed for the gift giving then get up to help with preparing the mass amounts of food for their big family lunch. I like the family time, it's what we used to do when we'd go back to Perth and the entire Desmond family would get together. It wasn't just focusing on Christmas, it was focusing on the entire family being together. And the Desmond's are a MASSIVE family :D ((my dad is the youngest of 8 kids...))

Tim and I didn't have much money for pointless gift buying, so we decided to go the homemade route & put a bit of effort into making a gift that his family would hopefully enjoy :)

Well the jar we gave to his parents didn't even last the weekend!!

Tim and I went to Ikea ((love)) and bought a whole heap of cool looking airtight glass jars. We named our homecooking food chain Monster Kitchen. Heh heh.

This is the recipe we used for delicious melt-in-your-mouth lemon butter ((yummy on hot toast!))

Lemon Butter Wouldn't Melt In Your Mouth

24 eggs
4.5 cups sugar
3 cups lemon juice
750g butter

This made 6 good sized jars of Lemon Butter. So if you're not making a bulk lot, you might want to third the measurements XD.

1:: Melt your butter ((either on the stovetop or zap it in the microwave)). Put it to the side for the moment.
2:: Crack your eggs one by one into a mug & then add to a heatproof mixing bowl. By adding them in one by one you're preventing ruining ALOT of eggs if you happen to crack open a bad one.
3:: Add the sugar.
4:: Place the bowl over a simmering saucepan of hot water & whisk the eggs and sugar together gently until the sugar has disolved.
5:: Add the lemon juice & the butter and whisk the mixture until it starts to thicken and look a little bit like butter again! It's ok if it's not identical to butter consistency, it will set a bit more in the fridge.
6:: Pour into a sterilised, airtight jar & fridge it!


I don't know for sure the shelf life of this butter, but we have our own jar in the fridge ((4 months since we made it)) & the other weekend mum had some on toast. She's still alive so it must be ok :D

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