Meet Vinnie!

By Max California - May 16, 2009

I'll do a proper update later, but for now, meet my boy!!

He was born at 8.30am on 14 May after almost 56hours of labour! It's ok, I had some hardcore painkillers for that! In the end I was only 6cm dilated ((for about 5hours)) and she realised Vincent was facing the wrong way! I had to have an emergency ceasar which went well but was really scary!

I came out of hospital this afternoon, and we're all doing ok. Incredibly exhausted with NO idea what we're doing, but we're doing it.

Xox max

He looks exactly like his dad :D with eyelashes from here to Mexico!

Please excuse his ugly pants. I didn't pack any pants for him for the hospital and it was FREEZING in there!!

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