Tim's Tam ((that ended up being MINE!))

By Max California - May 06, 2009

So I've only just started to learn how to crochet, and I'm alright, but I tend to make up the stitches as I go along :)

I started making a Tam ((Slouchy beanie)) for Tim, and unfortunately for him ((but FORTUNATELY for me!)) I ran out of wool before it got big enough to actually slouch over the back of his head.

So It's Mine! ALL MINE!

Too bad it'll clash with my pink hair when I dye it.

I just started crocheting in the round, using a double crochet then when it got really big I started joining the stitches together then started doing just single crochet around until i ran out of wool.

It was pretty much do a round, hold it up to my head, then do another round until it seemed like it would fit :)

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