Feeling under the weather?

By Max California - November 02, 2009

So lots of people have been getting icky-feeling lately, and I here is a little recipe I readily hand out to people whether they want it or not!

My mum raised my sister and I to rely on home remedies and natural methods as much as possible before turning to anti-biotics and other medications. If you pump your body full of anti-biotics every time you get sick, soon your body will build up an immunity to it, and it won't fix what ails you!

First things first, when you start feeling ill, start eating lots of oranges! Fill yourself up with as much vitamin c as you can before vomitting! Drink orange juice, cut an orange into slices and eat the yummy flesh, oranges, oranges go, go, GO!

If you're already sick and your nose is running, or stuffy and your throat is dry and scratchy, try this drink to help soothe your poor little body.

Apple Cider Vinegar + Honey drink

Add one capful of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of honey to your favourite mug. Fill the mug about 1/4 full with cold/room temperature water, then stir to mix the vinegar and honey together. Fill your mug up with boiled water and stir some more to dissolve the honey. Wait until it's cool enough to drink, then feel better!

This is Tim's favourite mug

please note:: the advice given in this blog is not to replace anything directed by your doctor!

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  1. Imma try this next time I have a cold! I can't take a lot of OTC cold medication because it reacts with medication I'm already on, so I like home remedies. I also like saline nasal spray when I'm all stuffed up!

    It makes me cross when I see doctors willingly prescribing antibiotics for colds and flus. They are for infections, not viruses! GAH. I can't remember the last time I took antibiotics.

  2. yes I know! I never used to take anti-biotics until I was about 20 i think. And recently when I've been sick the doctor's can only prescribe me one anti-biotic that is safe for breastfeeding and they were giving it to me for EVERYTHING.

    Sore tooth? Anti-biotic
    Sore throat? Anti-Biotic
    Cough? Anti-Biotic
    Bad Cold? Anti-biotic! Didn't even tell me to fill up on vitamin c or anything. So I scrapped the script and bought some oranges!

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