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By Max California - November 30, 2009

{I was 4 months pregnant with Vincent in these photos! Hahah}

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This tute will show you how to make a simple mini skirt using the legs from denim jeans!

Sewing Machine, Serger, Old pair of jeans, zipper the length of the skirt, scrap fabric + light interfacing.

1. Cut the legs off your jeans. i'm using a pair of black jeans + a pair of pink jeans. Jeans sideseams are quick thick, so i just cut the side seams completely off. I was left with a pile of strips

Here's my strips. They're not perfect, but that's ok :D

I kept the hems of the jeans and I'll be using them as the hem on my skirt. I've got four legs which is a perfect size for me for front + back including a tiny seam allowance.

2. Stitch the short ends of your strips to make long strips. I made one loooong black strip + the same in pink. Serge the new seams.

My long black strip :D

My piles of strips ;D

3. Grab a skirt that fits you well

4. Lay the strips over them. I'm going to have alternating stripes of black + pink. Remember to leave about 1cm on the edges and overlap them by one cm when you lay them down for seam allowances. Cut the strips to size. It doesn't hurt to be a little generous with this, just in case.

You should get something that looks a little like this. I added an extra strip across the top in the end because it was a tad too short.

6. Flip over each strip + pin it the strip below it - you're matching the right sides together.

7. Stitch it!

Topstitch it! This helps your stripes lay flat.

9. I usually always topstitch the seam down. Because I wanted the pink to stay pink + not have a seam through it, I did all my topstitching on the black stripes. This means on the inside, some seams are sticking up, but because I only used small 1cm seams, it doesn't really affect how the skirt sits or feels.

10. All your strips sewn together should look like this. Not perfect I know ((I realised my black jeans were slightly stretchy + the pink was not!)) Now you have a front of your skirt

11. Fold the base skirt you're using in half. This is going to be the back of your skirt.

Start laying your strips down. Make sure you have seam allowances like you did for the front. I'm doing an exposed zipper on this skirt, so I only need one cm down the centre back on each side for the seam allowance. If you're inserting the zip properly, you'll need to add about 2cm for the seam allowance. Remember you need to do double for both sides of the back, make sure you don't two of the same side! The strips need to be mirror images of each other ;D

13. You should have this! Try to keep the centre back edges as straight as possible. When you stitch them you'll prolly have to trim them back to make them straight again so again - be generous with your seam allowances.

get distracted by your adorable cat

Stitch your strips together as you did for the front, remembering to top stitch.

If you need to trim the centre back edges to make them straight, do it now. Then serge them.

You should have two of these now ;D Hopefully they are mirror images!

Now we're going to make facings as this skirt doesn't have a waistband. Facings help the top of the skirt to sit nicer + looks neater too. Go to your box of scraps and get some fabric. It doesn't matter if it matches or not because no one will be able to see it. I always make my facings or pocket linings in totally outrageous colours just for fun ;D

17. Fold your scraps in half + lay one of the back pieces on top of it, matching the centre back edge to the fold. Cut across the top of the scrap and down the side about 4-6 cm. Now cut down the fold so you have two seperate facings. Do the same for the front piece of the skirt, cutting one long facing out.

Here's my facings. Usually they're a little curved to fit your body better. I was being lazy >.<

Cut out matching pieces for the facings out of interfacing. I use iron-on interfacing because it's much easier to work with. You can use the sew on one, but it's a little fiddly. Interfacing strengthens the fabric a little, makes it tougher. I always use interfacing for my facings.

Iron the interfacing to the wrong sides of the facing pieces. REMEMBER that the shiny side goes down face first as the shiny stuff is the glue! Always check 529572975 times to make sure you're not going to melt interfacing onto your iron!

20. Stitch the side seams of your facings together + serge, make sure you don't accidentally sew the straight centre back edges instead!

21. Serge the lower length of the facing.

It should look like this :D

23. Stitch the side seams of your mini skirt together - the backs to the front. You'll need to trim the edges a little to make them evenish. Serge the edges.

24. Pin the facing to the skirt, right sides together. Make sure you match up your side seams!

Stitch + Serge it!

25. Topstitch!

Pin your zip to the edge of the centre back of the skirt. Remember I'm doing an exposed zipper!

Stitch it! Do the same for the other side + you're done!


Prance around your place in the glory of your awesome recycled skirt!

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