31 Skirts:: Day2 - HOLLY - Pinup Pencil Skirt

By Max California - December 02, 2009

I want to start off this post firstly by saying a massive THANKYOU to everyone who reads my little blog, and those who comment too! You make me feel so happy when I check my emails and I can see a reply ;D



Now, onto the serious business DAY 2 of the 31 Skirt Challenge
DISCLAIMER:: Today, I'm not actually wearing this skirt. I KNOW. I'll make up for it by wearing two another day.

I made the pattern for this dress when I was studying fashion, for a pattern-making assignment. I was inspired by this post on craftster, and the small tutorial that came with it really helped me alot. Unfortunately you can't see the detail that well in this fabric. Next time I'll use either plain fabric, or fabric with a bigger print, like massive polka dots or something. ((While finding the post that inspired me, I found out that she uses bold fabric with massive polka dots. Funny how thigns can stay in the back of your head and you don't realise! haha))

The detailing is the pleating on the darts. I had to make one side of the dart double the size so it would pleat into the dart well. It wasn't too hard!

I really love this skirt, it's so pinupy and stylish. TOO BAD IT'S TOO SMALL! You can't see, but the waistband isn't done up. ahah. So I'll be regifting this to some tiny little thing I think. That's the reason I'm not wearing it today. Also, I have to walk to the shops in a moment and go fabric shopping. At least I am wearing one of the 31 skirts. It's Skirt #6, but I really love how casual it is. YOU CAN'T SEE IT YET! ahha, sorry! You'll have to wait until Sunday.

I called Holly, because there is holly on it. hahah, I'm so ingenious. Well at least I think it's holly. I've never seen holly in real life before. Actually, I think it's just red berries with leaves, because aren't holly leaves really spiky? Whoopsie!

I chose to have it as Day #2's dress because I don't celebrate christmas, and it looks incredibly christmassy doesn't it! So I thought I'd put it as far to the front of the month as possible.

How's my progress with the rest of the skirts? I'm changing my ideas every day. Some skirts I can't wait to wear, others I'm just wearing them for the sake of the 31 Skirt project. I might replace them, or make-up for sub-par lovin' by making EXTRA SKIRTS.

It was brought to my attention, by a very clever lady, that there is a challenge similar to this called Frocktober. She completed it by making her dresses for every day of October. AMAZING.

It's for Ovarian Cancer, and it made me realise, apart from making Tim Shave for a Cure, I don't do anything that supports anything. That makes me feel a bit selfish, I do things for myself or for my family/friends. I should try to start caring + supporting other things.

What kinds of charities/causes are close to your heart?

This has got me thinking hard, because none of my family are sick or suffering from anything, thankfully. But what about people around me? Two girls I have never met, fell pregnant shortly after I did. We were good friends on livejournal, and our lives have all changed dramatically from party hard rockers, to responsible mothers ((but still trying to rock!)). One of them is mummy to an amazing little boy named Zephyr. He was born with a cleft lip, and had his operation for it just a few days ago. She couldn't breastfeed him, but everyday she expressed milk for him. That's amazing. You have no idea how hard it is to express every single day. It hurts your nipples like crazy.

The other mother has a little boy named Atom. ((I KNOW, Vincent, Zephyr + Atom, prolly the coolest boys club on the planet!? They sound like characters from a cool book)) He was born with a few little problems, but one of them was some sort of spinal thing. i'm not sure on the details, but I do know he was born with a massive dimple in the middle of his back. Like a hole. I have to check in with her to see how he's going, she's not online much.

And then I feel guilty when Vincent won't sleep at night! HA!

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  1. Oooh, lovely skirt! It's a very classy one. :)

    My heart goes out to your friend & little Zephyr - I know personally that having a cleft lip can be a long hard road for the parents and the baby. If your friend ever wants to talk to some other parents, or kids who've had clefts just let me know - my Mum has contacts, LOL, and I'd be happy to help.

    I hope things go well for Atom as well. You're right, Vincent, Zephyr and Atom do sound like cool book characters. If I could draw, I'd make that into a comic book.

  2. You're so crafty, lovely lady!!
    And your hair is looking wicked. OH and Vincent is WAY TOO CUTE FOR HIS OWN GOOD.

    And...I just realised that STACEY has commented above me! This world is way too small!

    xx Lizzie

  3. I absolutely LURVE your skirt... You're doing a great job!
    As far as charities go, I think something like the Ronald McDonald house is pretty amazing. :o))
    But you're not selfish - how can an awesome mum like you be selfish??? :oD

  4. green polkadots! awesome (sorry, I just saw the linky you provided LOL)

    I like the cut of the skirt, but I agree, it would look better in a simpler fabric - either larger pattern or one colour.. The holly is cute though :) I have the same issues with christmas - i have a red and green top i want to wear, but if i wear it now people will assume its part of the christmas spirit, but i've never kept christmas in my life! I used to have a dress in this fabric.. very classy LOL I used to have the coolest dresses... I didnt think so at the time, but on reflection, they were... very retro LOL and to think i used to hate that i had home made dresses instead of brand new clothes like all my friends! my favourite was a blue polka dot swing skirt.. I used to have so much fun dancing around in it at church as a kid.. (im sorry, I got distracted again)

    Zephyr is such a terrific name... I love how its like being back in the 70s with the naming conventions... I know most of the kids born in the last 10 years will be cursing their parents as teenagers, but its pretty damn cool...

    My mum and linda organise care bags and clothes runs for the young womens shelter in Toowoomba. If you want to help out, I'm sure you could make some great bags/satchels to put all the things in. They make up little necessity bags with things like soap, deoderant, brushes etc, and put them in a bag that the girls can use later on. but i know we had trouble trying to organise bags.. in the end linda's mum gayl roughed us up some, but they werent attractive or something you would want to use repeatedly.. (dont tell her i said that! i know she thought the same thing, but it went unspoken because her mum made up like a million bags for it LOL) Because i live in sydney, i dont help out as much as i want, so im mostly helping with things i can do long distance. anyway, if you are interested, give linda a bell on facebook :) she will know if they need any help and its a worthy cause.. sometimes just owning one pretty thing can brighten your week.. especially when all you have are the clothes on your back and hope.
    My personal causes are donating to Greenpeace, Medecins Sans Frontieres, and the Salvos. I also used to work for Greenpeace.

  5. i am in LOVE with that pattern. for serious. and i just adore the retroness of the fabric.

    and i remember that tute! i always wanted to try it but never got around to it. you may have just inspired me! i have a ton of big obnoxious prints

    and the lady bag thing up there^^^ sounds amazing, you should totally do it

  6. Love that skirt - fabric and all. And love that cute little pic of your baby in the bandana scarf thing. He looks so like my son did as a baby - but he's 12 now and taller than me. Still cute. At least I think so. Buy the way I've come here through Wardrobe Refashion.

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