Day 4:: Kelly - 90s floral ruffle skirt

By Max California - December 06, 2009

Sorry I havn't updated in a few days! I rearranged our house a little, and the wireless dropped out from our computer, then I went to visit my folk's and tim's folks for the weekend.

Anyway, on with the show!

This skirt is called Kelly because not only is it an awesomely 90s name, this skirt was inspired by the very girlee Kelly from imyourpresent.

I drafted a pencil skirt pattern, then slashed it in half and added seam allowances. Then I added the longest rectangle of fabric to gather in the seam. I did french seams on this one, so if the ruffle flips up, you can't see any ugly overlocking threads :D

I'll take better photos maybe tomorrow for you all, so don't forget to check back. This skirt is really really comfortable!

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