Day 5:: "Cyndi" polkadot rara skirt

By Max California - December 06, 2009

My favourite kind of skirt! This was prolly the first kind of skirt I ever made when I was younger. I was about 17 I think, and all Supre sold was rara skirts! So, because I didn't have any money, I made my own!

This one is called Cyndi, after Cyndi Lauper! It's VERY easy to make, so I'll be able to whip a tutorial for it next month with much ease!

That's one of my mum's cats, the very friendly Reginald. She foudn him walking down the island of a busy road and after asking around and calling the pound, she found out no one had reported him missing. He was very unkempt, so she decided to adopt him!

I wore this skirt on Saturday for Eidecan ((with my cowgirl boots)). We saw Captain Twilight and the Six Shooters, checked out the fundraising stall for the Toowoomba Roller Derby girls and drank lemonade from Vague's little bake sale stall! We also rubbed shoulders with my old friend Jer from Bizoo ((Who's finishing up Bizoo and starting a new zine, of which I shall be writing the DIY section!)) and bought a very amazing zine called Gutterslug! It was very good to see all the people I used to know when I was young and naive and not really knowing what I was or what I should be doing.

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  1. OMG, I am in love with that cat! So fluffy! So cute! Plus this skirt is to die for, I love it and can't wait for the tutorial. :) I just found your blog and read all the back entries--I love your stye and creativity! I also am in love with your hair bow--did you make that one too?

    xoxo plummy

  2. i love it! its so much fun. and i love that you named it cyndi. and im totally stealing that bow.


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