Day 7:: "Barbie" t-shirt surgery skirt

By Max California - December 07, 2009

Good morning! I'm on time today! Today's skirt is inspired by the iconic barbie doll!

I bought this Barbie shirt from eBay for afew dollars. It was sized XS, and was destined to be cut up. It sat on my pile for a few months, until this skrit challenge came up, and then I knew what to do! I combined it with a long tank top I'd bought from Supre that was trerribly 90s :)

Voila, lots of lace, pink hearts and barbie! ((Click th pics to see them bigger))

Also, i'm sorry about the hideous singlet. It's the only white tee I have at the moment. Perhaps I should make one today.

I added white lace around the heart ((which is interfaced and lined with the same pink floral fabric as day 4's skirt)). I also added a little pink satin ribbon bow and a purple + pink fabric-covered button I scored from Tim's mother's button jar!

I need to get to Toowoomba on a weekday and totally trawl the opshops for more buttons and zippers. AND FABRIC ((i don't think I could ever get sick of fabric)). I came home yesterday with a big bag of fabric my mum had hidden from me, then gave in + fed my addiction. Very cool stuff there!

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  1. Cute :)
    I'm wondering... what're you going to do with these 31 skirts once you've made and worn them all?

  2. Awww, way too adorable! Also, I love it when Mums try to hide things, and then can't help but give them to you.

  3. i'm going through mum's glad bags when i go home in january... the clothes are always hideous, but the fabric is always tempting... the trick is to check dads rag bag - he always nicks the best stuff to use in the shed.... such a shame... im going op shopping in tmba when i go home then too... i never have time off from work during the week, so its my opportunity to find some goodies LOL im specifially on the lookout for skulls and black lace... or lace that is amenable to a dye job LOL

  4. my god, you are amazing!

  5. This is so cute!
    The heart detail is perfect.
    Love your blog <3


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