Day 8 - "Jane" Exposed Zipper Skirt

By Max California - December 15, 2009

Didn't love this skirt, at all, but now I don't hate it. I like the way it sits on me. The T-shirt I used was one that I refused to throw away because, well, how can I throw away something I can cut up? It was a shirt we bought for Tim years ago, because we were going to see Queensland Roar play, and we had NOTHING ORANGE ((as if you would anyway?)) so on the way we stopped by JayJays and grabbed the first orange thing we saw. Well Tim wore it once. To the Roar. then that's it. It's been in my pile of clothes to cut up ever since ((Maybe I'll take a photo of that one day for you guys?))

I cut the shirt up and cut it into a big rectangle. Then i cut one the same size out of black and stitched them together ((this became the back seam)). I added a big metal seperating zipper at the front, because I love exposed Zips! Especially big chunky metal ones! Then I added a fold-over band for the hem and the top. It's so easy to do!

((the skirt doesn't ripple like that normally, I was standing odd))

By the way, I'm TERRIBLY sunburnt! It hurts to move + of course Vincent's little nails are always pinching or scratching it! eeep. Vitamin E cream has been slathered on my legs, arms + chest frequently!

Also, did you notice my hair is a different colour ;D the chlorine at the pool when we went for Vin's swimming lesson stripped the recent blue I had in it ((I havn't uploaded any pics from the pinup competition have I?! Oh I should do that too!))

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  1. yuck, I've decided I hate the sun... 2 weekends in a row now... despite the fact i slathered on sunscreen and reapplied... it must be terrible being burnt and carting vinnie around.. from the weight and his nails.. :(

    I LOVE THIS SKIRT! Its the sort of think i would wear if I wasnt so fat LOL then again, there are a lot of things i would wear if I lost a few pounds... instead I have to wear skirts that are more curvy... I love the zipper, the contrast and detail.. and can i just ask what the .... the tshirt said? is it in latin, or just hard to read?

  2. I really like this skirt! The exposed zipper is fantastic, & it looks great on you.

  3. Awesome skirt! Exposed zippers are made of win, and it looks really good on you.

  4. Love the skirt and the hair is STILL fantastic.


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