pattern review

♥ Review:: Dana's Knee Pad Pants Tutorial

7:02 pm
Not Sewing

Paint Swatch Notebook

6:40 pm
Sewing for Boys

Mohawk for a cold day

11:02 pm

Pumpkin + Kale Salad

3:56 pm

Ice Magic - The Raw Foods Way

3:51 pm
Sewing for Boys

Tutorial:: Waistcoat

4:18 pm
Sewing for Boys

Vincent's Grown-Up Pyjamas

3:44 pm

Tutorial:: How to Applique

12:25 pm
Sewing for Boys

Button -Up Shirts + Skinny-leg Jeans

5:31 pm

Sewing for Vin, and a bit about the Lady that made me ME!

11:50 pm

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