Ice Magic - The Raw Foods Way

By Max California - March 05, 2010

I think I've touched on the subject of my mummy's raw foodism before.

Well instead of creating an entirely new blog for it, I'm going to publish her recipes here! These are delicious for everyone, and it's actually quite surprising how delicious and enjoyable raw food can be.

First off, I'm going to tempt your tastebuds with my mother's version of Ice Magic. She poured it over cold mango and strawberries and it hardened up straight away!


Well here is the recipe, in her words

I am eating a delicious dish of raw food - my very own first Rockmelon I have ever grown and some cut up Nectarine and Peach I got from my $3 box of fruit from my fav vegie store at Whyalla Plaza in Toowoomba. I then made a delicious raw chocolate Ice Magic - all natural products with no chemicals. So it doesn't prick my conscience to have it for dinner. That's what you get when you eat Raw Foodist style. It even got the lick of approval from Max California....
Here's the recipe:

Some raw organic Cacao (approx 2 heaped tsps)
A dash of raw organic Agave Nectar (approx 2 tblsps)
A heap of shredded organic Coconut (about 1/2 cup)
A big dash of organic Coconut Oil (approx 1/4 cup -excellent for weight loss!)

Now spoon or pour it over your fresh fruit salad from the fridge and magic! The chocolate solidifies into an Ice Magic crunch. 

You can get most ingredients from your local organic or health food store. It may be expensive to buy the ingredients initially, but they soon pay off as you use a little bit in everything!

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