Paint Swatch Notebook

By Max California - March 08, 2010

Ok. I, Max California, have a severe addiction to paint swatches. I love just standing in front of them at the hardware and just staring at all the colours. Every shade imaginable. And all of them have the most delicious names - Cloudberry, Almond Bloom, Pink Dolly.

When we lived in Brisbane, I was going to paint a feature wall in each room, and I had a great time collecting paint swatches and trying to decide. Well we didn't end up staying there very long, and I was hardly at home to even think about any DIY projects. Now we've moved and we have theopportunity again to paint the walls in our new place, so now i have double the amount of paint swatches.

And I couldn't be happier.

Here's a little DIY project I came up with one day when I grabbed the nearest thing to write on, and it happened to be a paint swatch.

Paint Swatch Notebook

Aren't they cute?

Here's a quick guide on how to make your own::

First, grab all your materials. This includes scissors, your ribbon + lace box, a hole puncher, a pencil/pen, a lighter ((if you're using ribbon)) and your selected paint swatches.

 Punch as many or as few holes along one side of the paint swatch. Lay the first one over the next and with a pencil make a small mark through the hole. Punch the holes lining up with the marks. Repeat for as many litlte pages as you want. I go with about 3-5 pages.

Now thread your ribbon or lace or braid through the holes. Be as decorative as you like, or keep it plain and simple. Double back, cross-over, the floor is yours! If you're usiing ribbon, cut the ends off at an angle, and using the cigarette lighter - just melt the ends a tiny bit. This will stop it for fraying.


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  1. Cute idea. I see a visit to Home Depot in my future now. Thanks for sharing this with us!


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