Thursday, 4 March 2010

Vincent's Grown-Up Pyjamas

As in his first set of proper pyjamas! He won't sleep in these for a while yet I think, he keeps crawling out of the pants ((he could win the speed-crawling championship I'm sure)), but when he's a bit older they will be nice + snug and ready for him. As you can see they are too long in the legs and the sleeves I had to roll up, but man aren't they cute!

I used my basic pants pattern for the bottoms, and Enid Gilchrist's pattern for a beach coat for the shirt. I added this suede cord I had in my embellishments box as a trim around the collar and I added a patch pocket in black with a V appliqued onto it. It was my first applique in a long time and I had so much fun, I'm sure all of Vinnie's clothes now will be appliqued!

I used some red flannelette I bought off eBay that had black spiders and webs all over it.


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