Tutorial:: Batman Begins Boots

By Max California - May 26, 2010

This wasnt the tutorial I had planned originally, but my camera has been in our car for the last week and Tim takes it to work. This is a fairly simple tute, and the pictures aren't so great because I took them with my phone in bad lighting!!

First get your materials together!

You will need::
1x pair ugg boots/slippers/whatever. I got mine for $8 from Aldi! Hurrah!
Sharp Scissors
Thin note paper + a pen/pencil
Felt of your colour choice
Matching Thread
and a needle.

As you can see above, I already have a little stencil made. All I did was google image searched Batman Logo. All I had was red felt, and I knew there was a red logo somewhere. There is, it's a Batman + Robin type thing, but I settled on the Batman Begins logo. I got my thin paper and held it up to the computer monitor and traced over it with my pen. It's fairly symmetrical, so I just folded it in half when I cut it out to make it perfect.

Pin it to your felt and cut it out. I folded my felt in half and cut out half a bat, neatening the edges when I unfolded it.

Two Bats!

Now pin them to the back of your boots, making sure they are even. Handstitch the Bats onto the boots. I used an overcast-type stitch. To secure them in place.

THE END! Take photos!

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  1. Cute! I love these boots almost as much as I love the actual Batman.

  2. Batman; my eternal love. >w<
    Fantastic idea; I think I might try it.

  3. My Daughter will LOve this- she is SO into Batman right now


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