Batman + Superman

By Max California - July 29, 2010

Sometimes, being the Dark Knight is lonely

Now I'm sure, if you know anything about me, it is that I have a major crush on Batman. Ok scratch that, I am in Love with Batman. He's my other husband.

I have Batman tattoos, two - one on each shoulder, I own many Batman shirts and have bought many Batman shirts for my husband. You've seen my Batman customised ugh boots. I have Batman + Robin glasses, but no one is allowed to drink out of the Batman one but me! This weekend we are going to Movieworld for the last day of the DC Comics 75th Anniversary special. We're also getting VIP passes which means we get unlimited entry into Movieworld, Wet n Wild and SeaWorld for a year for just $99.99 a pass!

Alright I better reassure you now that this is not a big advert for Movieworld.
I'm not affiliated with them, but I wish I was! ahah.

The world's greatest detective?

So because we have convinced alot of our friends to buy VIP passes and come with us, most of us are dressing up! First things first though, and that was outfits for the 'twins' - the Monster + his bestie the Genius. After ahming and ahing and changing my mind from Nightwing to Robin to Aquaman, I decided that the Monster would go as Batman, since Sophie decided The Genius would be Superman.

And so today, I sat down and I got to it. I whipped these up in an afternoon. The Monster already had a pir of black leggings, and Sophie had bought the exact same kind of leggings in blue, with red pilchers to wear over the top.

I used an old shirt of the Monster's as a pattern, the boys are the same size so that was not a problem! I cut out all the pieces, then perved studied pictures of Batman for ages to get the bat symbol right. Batman has had many different costumes over the years, but I settled on Michael Keaton's outfit in Tim Burton's Batman ((Yellow symbol on the chest and a yellow belt)). I made the symbol out of black and yellow felt, stitching it onto the chest before stitching the rest of the shirt together. On the shoulders I added press-studs so the cape could come on and off.

I really love the hood, because it hides the press-studs when the cape is off. I think in future, I'll use smaller silver press-studs ((I used these massive ones Sophie had bought)) and spraypaint them the same colour as the shirt, so it's not so obvious.

Their capes are attached by press-studs, so are detachable. The Monster had a superman outfit my mum bought him when he was tiny, and that cape was detachable too - which I learnt was good, since it did get a bit hot under there!

Kal-El's shirt was made from a shirt that my mum gave me to cut up. I made it in the same way I made the Monster's, but made ribbing for the neck instead of adding a hood. I also used the existing hem on the sleeves and main part of the shirt as hem for the resized tee!

I love the superhero poses these boys were pulling out! Something about their suits maybe? ((They're only 14 months old!))

Just remembered that I havn't made the Monster gauntlets yet. I'm also going to be Batman. Note - not Batgirl, Batman. Tim is going to be the Green Lantern, my friend Frank is going as CatWoman and Betty my sister is going as Huntress. Not sure what everyone else is going as, if they are even dressing up!

Yes I am going to do a tutorial for all of the outfits. Yes I probably will be making some to sell too :)

((Sorry about the watermarks guys, I'm becoming a bit more aware of putting my kid's - and other's - faces onto the internet. Some people are messed up and you can't be too careful!))

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  1. YES,YES,YES....both are soooo cute....really superheros....
    ok i love btman...but it needs a superman;)

  2. Adorable! And they have amazing eyes! :) so cute!

  3. nawww, aren't they the cutest? I love the posing, adorable. I am so jelous, I want to go to this event, that sounds awesome! And my boyfriend would kill for a VIP ticket, naw, sucks to live on the other side of the planet.

    have fun, make pictures and say hello to green lantern from me :D

  4. Oh my gosh, cute-splosion! I love Vinnie's expressions. I'd love to see a tutorial-I'm already planning my boy's first Halloween...

  5. awww...they are soooo cute! great job Max. I can't wait to see a group photo!!


  6. Nicely done! I like the watermarks. This way if I steel a photo and post it on one of my blogs people know where the awesomeness came from.

  7. Aww, Vinnie is the best little photo poser! He's already got the Batman post down-pat. These costumes are so cute - I only wish I could make the Movieworld day!

  8. They are so cute!


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