Rock + Roll Sew-A-Long #1 - Madeline Mini Bloomers

By Max California - July 06, 2010

I know a few of you guys, and some of my IRL have expressed interest in a sew-a-long, but I've been either too lazy to start one, or no one has gotten it together to participate. Well whatever, I will sew-a-long with myself if need be!

The first sew-a-long will be these cute as sin bloomers. I love bloomers, and I would wear them more if I had ever kept the pattern I made my first pair ((and most perfect pair)) from. But I didn't. And I found it really difficult to get the right amount of poofiness without it being ridiculous.

Well here we go :) We'll be making the Madeline Mini Bloomers

 The little la-la about the bloomers are here, and you can download the pdf for them here. I'm going to print them out tonight at my parent's house, and may or may not start them tonight also. I'll post a little bit each day, to accomodate for people who normally go to work and such during the day, or don't have much spare time. I think a fortnight is a good  amount of time to do these in? Then we can get started on something else! At the end of it you can email me photos or just post links of them and I'll put them up here, depending on how many people want to participate, otherwise we might throw them into a flickr pool, how does that sound? What would be easier?

I'll post photos as I go along, and do a running commentary on bits I found difficult, or bits which need a bit more of an explanation.

Oh and a quick update on the gig last friday night. It was AMAZING. A great big shoutout and a tonne of kisses and love to The Go-Go Haunters who came up with the idea of letting us sell raffle tickets, and for organising the prizes too! We raised $123.25 which brings the grand total for Elliot's operation to $840+ ! The button on the left there at the top explains what the money is for and how you can help!

And in other news I decided to start doing Project 365 last Friday. For now I'm just putting the photos up on my facebook, but I will eventually start a tumblr for it. Project 365, if you google it, is a project where you take a photo a day for a year. Usually it's supposed to be a self-portrait, but I'm just going to do a photo of what best summed up that day for me. Are you doing or have you done a project 365 before? Post your links below!

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  1. These are cute as hell and I'd love to participate. I'm an awful seamstress though and don't trust myself to pull these off but I'll give it a go! :)

    Hope they don't involve too much talent or fabric :P

  2. I've got a surcoat to finish first, but I've been planning to make a pair of these for a while.


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