Toy Boxes

By Max California - July 09, 2010

I re-arranged Monster's bedroom today. His cot was under the lightswitch and he'd always be flicking it on and off. And by always I mean we've had to replace the lightbulb twice in about a month.

I found alot of junk in his room I'd stored under his cot and his change table, always meaning to use it, but never getting around to it. Well today I did do something :)

Under the change table were three empty nappy boxes, I'd always had it in my mind to recover them in something and use them for storage since they are pretty durable. Well I pulled them out today and looked at them. I cut off the flaps and looked at them again. Then I remembered I'd bought little boy wrapping paper and contact paper last week for another project((more on that later))! Half an hour later I had two little toy boxes! I need to buy some wrapping paper for the third box, but look at how cute they are!

Two sturdy toy-boxes for under $3!

The Monster approves 

Someone had a very exciting morning playing in the dirt...

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