Tutorial:: Little Old Man Cardi

By Max California - July 16, 2010

I know I heard you all say, "Nawwwww!" I don't blame you, I can't believe how damn cute this little guy is! I had so much fun making him model for me, it's the first time since he learnt to walk I think. I put him against the white wall to take photos and he just stood there, pulling different faces and performing for me! CUTEST.

I didn't get to take as many photos as I wish I had of, but I'll try to explain it in lots of words! This tutorial will show you how to turn this

into this!

You're going to need a shirt that fits little man well, preferably with long sleeves. It doesn't need to be a button-up shirt ((or have a collar)), any shirt will do.  You'll also need some paper or cardboard to make the pattern. Choose a knit sweater or cardigan that you want, and some t-shirt fabric - or a contrast jumper, or even use the same one - to make the trim.

Fold the shirt you are using in half and trace around the neckline, shoulders, armhole and sideseam. If this is your first time making a pattern from existing clothes, it may seem very difficult. Trust me though, the more you try it, the easier it will become! Do the same for the back, and the sleeve.

Remember to add 1cm for seam allowance around this traced out line EXCEPT for the fold line of the sleeve, and the fold line of centre back!

Also, if you are doing a V-neck for the front of the cardigan, figure it out now. I made the lowest point of my V hit about the middle of his chest, then drew a line from that point straight to the shoulder seam edge. add a seam allowance to this line too.

Cut out and name your pattern pieces!

Now pin the pieces to the item you are reconstructing, make sure you lay them all out first to make sure you have enough fabric! Then cut them out. MAKING SURE the parts that are named place on fold ((the longest edge of the sleeve, and the centre of the back)) are ON A FOLD!

"Hey you! Don't forget to put it on a fold!"

 Next, sew the shoulder seams of the fronts to the back, making sure the right side ((the outside)) of the pieces are against each other. Overlock! If you don't have an overlocker, make sure you zigzag stitch because you don't want it all unraveling on the inside!

Now pin the sleeves to the cardigan, right sides together. Match the centre of the sleeve to the shoulder-seam you just made. Now sew + overlock!

Now cut some of whatever you are using for trim, the length of the end of the sleeve ((around the wrist)). The width is up to you, remember that you are folding it in half and you need 1cm on each edge for seam allowance.

Fold the wrist trims in half lengthways and stitch + overlock it to the wrist of each sleeve. As you can see, I did it a different way, and that way turned out stupid, so just do what I'm saying :D Remember that the trim will be stitched onto the RIGHT side of the fabric.

Now fold your cardi inside out and stitch the sideseams right up to the armpits and across the sleeve seam! EASY!

At this point I tried the cardi on the Monster. The sleeves were way too baggy, so I just took them in by running another seam further into the cardi up the sleeves and then tapering it into the sideseam. Then I cut off the excess and OVERLOCKED.

 Argh I know they look super wonky, you can't tell! lol.

Now measure with a tape measure the entire way from centreback around the neck, down the front, across the bottom, across the back and on until you get back to centre back.

Cut this measurement from the trim fabric. Remember seam allowances, and that it will be folded in half ((so like what you did for the wrists)). Fold it in half and stitch it to the cardigan, making sure the trim is being stitched to the RIGHT side of the fabric. Overlock. Now flatten it out and TOPSTITCH

I left it like this, but you can add buttons, or snaps, whatever you like!

Now put it on your model, get him up on his horse and awaayyyy!

I was going to wash his face, but then I thought, no, he's not a little angel, he's a grubby little monster! And that's how I love him, and that's how I know you love him too!

He ain't fooling no-one with those blonde curls and big baby blues!

Ok... maybe he's fooling some people...

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  1. That cardi is soooo cute, and so is Vincent! Great job Max!


  2. Soo cute. Grubby dirty baby boys are the best kind of baby boys!

    Yet another pattern of yours that I have to bookmark for a later date. I'm trying to wait to make clothes for my little man until he stops growing into a new size every week.

  3. Cute! I was certainly one of the ones who went "Nawww" at the beginning. I think I want one of these cardi's for myself, lol.


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