Rock + Roll Sew-A-Long #2: Rock n Roll Ruffle Skirt

By Max California - February 08, 2011

Tardy? Oh hells yes.

I better put up the bloomers you guys made from last time!

Stacey from Secret Life made these adorable black bloomers with spotty bows and buttons!

I taught my friend Elle how to sew, this was her second project. Cute hey! She used similar fabric to mine, but black polka dots. She used white lace on the hem and white and pink ribbon for the bows. She's now 20wks pregnant, I like to blame these adorable bloomers! ^_^

Now onto the Rock n Roll Ruffle Skirt! Using Thera's tutorial, we whipped up quite a few of these!

Here's mine. I changed it up a bit, but I followed her tute regardless, turning a pair of pyjama pants into this cute ruffley skirt!

Now onto YOUR projects!

Thera's friend Nicki made a pair also! She used grey blue and black tweed pants for hers. ADORABLE.

Thera repurposed some black denim pants into this skirt! I really dig the simplicity! She also made a few more! Check 'em out.

Trisha turned a pair of her favourite pants into this rad skirt! Love the hem.

And Stacey made this rock n roll ruffle skirt! I love the plain ones, so much easier to co-ordinate into your wardrobe.

Awesome work ladies! I'm trawling for a tutorial of what could be our 3rd Rock & Roll Sew A Long now. If you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments below

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