Guest Post - RobotAlien Dinosaur's card pouch!!

By Max California - March 26, 2011

I will be updating the Trash Ballerina costuming blog later today. I finishe dmy Harley Quinn costume last night and let me just say I CAN ROCK THAT SO HARD! Oh man I can't wait to get my facepaint on and start flipping around!

Now here's a guest post from a girl that I just adore! She has a little blog and it's only new but the girl has talent and so I asked her to do a guest post here! Introducing Santha a cute little slice from New Zealand [yey!] from Robot Alien Dinosaur...

Hey guys, I'm San from RobotAlienDinosaur. Max was super nice and asked me to guest blog over here today (thanks Max!). =] Today I've got a tutorial for a little card pouch to fit in your pocket.

Normally if I'm going out to a bar or something I don't like to take a bag with me so I just chuck everything into my pockets. I thought it would be a good idea to make something that could hold my cards and would slip easily into and out of my pocket to keep everything in the same place. Unfortunately tho it doesn't have a place for your phone. Sometimes I wish my phone had the ability to shrink to fit perfectly in my pocket, but then when I grab it out it expands back out to regular size. Man, that would rock. Anyway.

You'll need two pieces of fabric to make this: a piece for the outer (16cm x 10.5cm) and a piece for the lining (46cm x 10.5cm). This pouch is good for using up scraps if you have any reasonably sized ones. Onto the tut!

Step 1: Fold your lining piece in half, right sides together, and press.

Step 2: Unfold your lining piece.

Step 3: Fold the right hand side of your lining piece to the left, ensuring that the wrong side of the fabric you can see measures 17cm, press.

Step 4: Fold the same piece of the lining to the right (right side showing now), with the gap between the fold lines at 1.5cm as shown in the picture above, press.

Step 5: Fold the same side of the lining to the left again, with the folded piece measuring 7.5cm, press.

Step 6: Fold the piece to the right one last time, again with the gap between the fold lines measuring 1.5cm, press. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for the other side of the fabric. Phew, now all the folding is done!

Step 7: Place your outer piece of fabric and your folded lining piece right sides together, they should be about the same size, pin.

Step 8: Sew around the edge of your pieces using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving a gap so you can turn it inside out. Trim threads and clip corners. 

I love the Spotlight card at the front there :D - Max

Step 9: Turn your pouch inside out and press.

Step 10: Tuck in the little unsewn bit you left for turning. Sew around your pouch, very close to the edge (it's important you sew really close to the edge, otherwise your cards won't fit. I probably didn't sew close enough to the edge cause it was a little bit of a tight fit for my cards.. but I MADE them fit, lol). Also sew a straight line down the centre of the pouch to finish it off.

And you're done! Chuck some cards into your pouch, put it in your pocket and go out somewhere, happy in the fact that you've got a fancy new thing you made in your pocket, heheh. =]

Be sure to check out my blog sometime. Thanks for reading and thanks again Max for having me. =]

San xx

Oh god she is adorable. Thera can we keep her?? There is a reason her blog's initials are RAD.

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  1. Totally following her blog now. :D This pouch is so damn cute. My to-sew list is getting huge again!

  2. I'm so excited for that Harley costume,I'm checking you're site like 5 times a day to see if something happens :D
    I just love the Joker and his cute psycho girlfriend.<3

  3. OMG! Yes Max! We can keep her. She's super adorable and I love this simple wallet. Eep! So cute!


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