Monday, 30 May 2011

Tutorial: KFC Bucket upcycle!

Right this is when my family thinks I'm truly insane. Your parents invite you to dinner, they're getting KFC. That's cool, you think, I like the KFC chips. Then when you get there you see all the chicken in a big bucket. And you get super duper excited.

"Dad!" you say, "Can I have the bucket?"
"Sure," he says, not really phased. He's used to your shenanigans by now. The only way you can truly shock him is to drink the vilest of vile drinks in front of him. Beer. He knows you hate beer. He adds, "You can take the leftover chicken too."
"No I don't want the chicken!" you reply, "Just the bucket!"
Dad shrugs and puts all the chicken in a container, handing you the bucket.

All the way home your mind KNOWS it wants to re-purpose it into something cool, but you've had such a dry spell lately with crafting you can't think WHAT.To tell you the truth, even now it is finished I STILL don't know what to use it for.

I present to you, the Comic Book Bin. Or Bucket. Or something!



I just don't know what yet.

Unf Nightwing...



Comic Book Art

I've got a tutorial mid-written which I'll be putting up tomorrow, but for now I thought I'd show you what I made the other night!

[click to make bigger]
I picked up the frames for $1 each at the opshop, then took the glass out and spraypainted them all black. I had to polish and clean the glass up with vinegar, managing to slice my fingers in the process. Here's a hint: the edges of glass frames are SHARP.

Using comic book scans, I choose some neat little panels I liked, using the backboards of the picture frames to figure out the sizes. I traced around the backboards then cut out the panels and glued them straight to the board. Then it's just a simple matter of putting the frames all back together and voila! I plan on making more like this and covering an entire wall in our house with them!

I gotta fix the Nightwing one at the very back right, it has one little spoke thing to keep it in the frame and it is failing miserably.

They go really well this canvas my friend Jemma made for me Little Monster


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Batman Week Submissions!

Here's some cleverness from you guys!

First off San from RobotAlienDinosaur emailed me this CUTE batman apron she made!

It even has a utility belt on it and look she's wearing a mask to protect her secret identity while she bakes!

Jordan emailed me this amazing take on the Harley Quinn costume she made. You can find her here at her Etsy shop! Here's her description of how she made her outfit!

The Joker costume was just put together with a $5 suit and $3 shirt found at a thrift store. No handmade there, he was there as an accessory to me.

I'm in the Harley Quinn costume though, which was handmade by me. I took my own spin on her look and made a jumper dress using a jumper I already owned as a pattern, and cut up two shirts (one black, one red) and sewed them together, and the jester hat I made out of fleece. I bought the tights, though, I was definitely not going to go there.


And then Alice submitted her boyfriend! And his amazing tattoo!

4 hours of colouring that in apparently! And let me tell you from experience, THAT HURTS!

That's pretty amazing dedication right there! What do you think?


Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Nope! Did not fall off the face of the earth, just timed Batman Week right before my best friends' wedding! I still have a few more Batman pposts to throw up so I'll work on them this afternoon!

We flew to Hobart, Tasmania last week for my friends Emily and Tim's wedding. They have one little son, who I named Bruce Wayne Jnr. I think you've seen him around here.

Anyway! I made the bridesmaid dresses!

That's me with the white hair

I guess it's just proof that I CAN make pretty things!

That's me witnessing the marriage. I awesomely forgot my name. I never have to spell out my entire name and the last time I did was at MY wedding so I awesomely signed it with my maiden name!

Not angry! Cold. And Crying!
It was SO COLD in Tasmania and my husband was SO SICK. We were there for four days and the only time he ventured out of the cottage was on the wedding day! It even snowed on Mount Wellington, and the venue for the wedding was at the bottom of it.

It was an amazing day and I kept crying because Emily looked SO beautiful. The best bit, to me, was when my son had to walk up with Tim's son and give them the rings. Little Monster would not let go of his Woody toy so he walked up there with it and then handed it over to them! He was so proud. Lol.

So that was the summary of my weekend!

And now I am sick as a dog, but I promise I'll have the rest of the Batman Week submissions up over this week!

Got any suggestions for another theme week? This was fun!


Friday, 6 May 2011

Batman Week:: Internet Roundup #2

The sequel for the first roundup! Here's some more batastic DIYs I have found across the web. Remember, links marked with a * are tutorials!

1. Superhero Car reading nook!*, 2. Batman Hooded Tee, 3. Batman masks from milk jugs *, 4. Batman Intarsia Chart, 5. Batman and Robin wall art, 6. Harley Quinn cushion *, 7, Comic Collage wall art, 8. Batman duct tape mask *, 9. Batgirl costume *

For extra comic book AWESOMENESS, just flick through the comic tag on Cut out and Keep.



Wednesday, 4 May 2011

May The Fourth Be With You

We interrupt your Batman Week with this special news bulletin - International StarWars Day.

L-R: Jemma, Chris, Dana, Max!
May the 4th is known as Star Wars Day due to the whole play on words with the usual slogan "May the Force be with you" to being "May the 4th be with you." GET IT? Good.

Onto the StarWars Day activities!

Would you believe I am NOT an expert cake decorator? HAR HAR

My friend Jemma and I thought it'd be neat if our two nerdy families [they're StarWars Geeks, we're Comic Book Nerds] got together for a StarWars Day party! The Little Monster and I did StarWars themed activities which including playing with storm troopers, playing The Force Unleashed II on the Wii and making a cake!

As little presents for my girls Jemma + Dana I made them little felt stormtrooper hairclips using Thera's batman tutorial she put up today! Let me tell you cutting those babies out was NOT FUN but they look so cute I am defo making more [How do we feel about an upcoming StarWars week/Month?]

Modeled by the lovely Dana
I just used white felt and cut out the fiddly little stormtrooper helmets, you can see on the top photo of them the one on left has had to have eye surgery since I somehow ripped it off while gluing it down. i used black felt for the backers, stitched little red bow buttons as decorations and then glued a snap clip to the back. I need to buy more snap clips.

The gang got here and we all were wearing our favourite StarWars shirts and ate pizza [totally approved by the Rebel Alliance] and watched Episode I: The Phantom Menace! We didn't eat the cake because we were too busy discussing ways to blow up the Death Star and how babin' Hayden Christensen is. Never mind though, because tomorrow is Revenge of the Fifth and I will just re-ice the thing!

Ugh this pic is so damn cute!
OH I awesomely did NOT get a picture of Chris and Jemma's StarWars kicks. Tomorrow I will for


Batman Week:: Internet Roundup #1

In my travels searching for your rad batman crafts, I found a whole swag of awesomeness! Here's the first roundup! Don't forget if you've found something I haven't seen yet, leave it in a comment here or shoot me an email!

Links marked with a * are tutorials!

Click to embiggen!
1. Comic-Book Corseted Waist Belt!*,  2. Superhero Room [from one of my favourite mama bloggers!], 3. iPod cozy, 4. Batman/Riddler tote, 5. Speech Bubble Bracelet,* 6. Holy Awesome Potholders Batman!, 7. Bat Signal Pasties, 8. Comic-Book covered bedside table, 9. Comic Hair Clip by THERA!*


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Batman Week Tutorial: Comic Necklaces

I've been rocking out my Robin necklace since I made it a few days ago. I LOVE IT. It's so big and obnoxious. I also made a few others but I need more chain before I can rock them equally as hard. The Flash one pictured below is pretty fun also!

These necklaces are made using just images scanned in from comic books [yes scanned! I could never cut up a comic book. Not a DC one anyway!] and saved from the internet, basic jewellery-making supplies and polymer clay! AND MOD PODGE. That stuff is amazo! Hit the jump below the picture to check out the tutorial or download the pdf here.

Keep those submissions coming guys! I am loving what you have!


Batman Week Tutorial:: Batman Lego Earrings by Dr. Fumbles-McStupid

In my travels of finding awesome Batman crafts, I found Dr. Fumbles-McStupid! That is probably the most amazing sentence I have ever typed in my life. Anywho, here she is to show you how to make these neato Lego figurine earrings!

Hi, my name is Catherine and pretty much everywhere on the Internet I am known as Dr.FumblesMcStupid (kudos if you know what the name is taken from). I am at college right now studying To eventually be an author for children's and young adult books, and in my free time I like to craft.

Almost every artsy project that I start turns out to be geeky in some nature (Seriously for my art class my collage ended up being of the millennium falcon, in my screen printing class I did katamari and portal prints, and in my accessories class, my final line was titled geektastic). Mostly I just make things for myself, or sometimes for my friends, but in the future I hope to open an etsy store. Keep an eye on my tumblr for more geeky projects (Like D&D dice necklaces) and info on when the store will be opened.

I hope to see you there and now without further ado, a tutorial for Lego Batman earrings!

Click the link below to see the tute!


Monday, 2 May 2011

Batman Week - Reader Submission:: BatBolero by Jenny

Very excited to show this to you guys! One of my lovely readers, Jenny from Stuttgart in Germany made this AMAZING Batman Bolero!

Translated from German is her original post [thanks to Google Translate, it's a bit weird but yeh, You get the gist!]::

Holy Bobbin, Batman!

I'm not sure about the correct name of the presented below garment. A cape, it is probably not, although the term I like. Probably it's more like Bolero, or just a short jumper. For simplicity, I lie down for this contribution to "Landscape" set, finally fits better on Batman.

I have the part already a while ago (years ago? "I know for sure that I've worn in the Cape high school) completed, but was then caught in the dilemma that my camera has driven me with their bad pictures in the madness and I was frustrated after each test so that I had no desire to showcase the Cape. Even for shots is my little digicam is not easy to use and has served at least at this point.

I wanted to sew some kind of short cardigan, just not in the sleeves and no buttons. So just what, what you can to cold over a T-shirt and a keep warm. I also wanted a giant hood with Batman ears. And the Batman logo on the back and the shape of the bat wing rear. Mission accomplished!
(I'm not a fan of hoods. I have never, unless it's raining here but I like to do an exception.)

As a matching accessory I've worn these homemade hair clip:

Dm I have a packet of hair pins (which you turn to open it ... okay?  ) Bought for about one euro.
At home I had printed out the Batsymbol my choice, cut and thick felt (about 0.3 cm) down. I have traced the outlines with a pencil for dark textile materials with tailor's chalk, it would have to go too, I imagine, however, remains difficult. Incidentally, I used a nail scissors in order precision. This allows even small bumps well still be rectified.
Then my beloved design freeze was used so that the felt will not fray, harder, and water repellent. I do unfortunately not a real alternative because it does not freeze design may buy at the store. In the U.S. it Mod Podge, a kind Bastelleim here but very expensive. Maybe you can even napkins glue (diluted?) Use, which theoretically would go if it did not have the same effect as complete design freeze. This simply reap the felt several times over and brush the edges. Because the felt absorbs the glue to dry overnight.
In the end, stick the felt with hot glue to the hair clip - but a piece of cardboard slides into the bracket, so you will not stick to it. Hot glue can be very messy, but if it is dry, you can cut away any protruding yes adhesive.

Unf I love her! I love her hair, I love her cute little face, I love her amazing batman skills. Thera can we keep her too?

You should now go check out her blog - Exclamation-Point !


Batman Week Tutorial: Nightwing T-Shirt Surgery

In the Batman Universe, I'm in love with pretty much all of them. Well all the Robins anyway :) One of my favourites is the first Robin, the one most of you would know! Dick Grayson is his real name and he's been Batman's sidekick for a very long time. He's the one who was an acrobat in the circus with his parents "The Flying Graysons" and he watched them die and then Batman took him under his wing. Yey Batman!

Anywho, when Dick Grayson grew up, he became his own superhero. He became Nightwing. He moved to a nearby city called Blüdhaven and became to that city what ol Batman is to Gotham. He's a total babe and I love him loads!

For Supanova, I started making this shirt for Vince but I didn't end up finishing it in time so I finished it a few days afterwards and I'm pretty pleased with its simplicity! I wrote this tutorial using two scrappy tees I had lying around and even though they are ugly as sin I can kind of see this idea working on cuter tees and it not necessarily being Nightwing-ish.

Of course this doesn't have to just be for a little boy! Make one for your big boy, or even better, Yourself!

I bought the original shirts from Big W for about $3 each. Just a plain black tee-shirt and a plain blue long-sleeved shirt. The second shirt doesn't have to be long-sleeved, it was the only kind I could find in the colour I needed. Just make sure both shirts are the same size [You'll see I switched out the grey one in the pic below for one a bit more closer in size. The grey one was stretched out and it had raglan sleeves which didn't match up with the set-in sleeves of the other shirt.] I found my second attempt at this shirt [the ugmo version] turned out way better than the original finishing-wise. So maybe do a practice one up first, it's so simple it's not hard to make two!

Click the link below to read the tutorial and see more pics of baby Nightwing! You can also download the PDF of this tutorial here if you would like to print it out!


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Batman Week Tutorial:: The BatSignal Tote Bag by MarySew

When this hit my inbox last week I almost hyperventilated for several reasons. Apart from the obvious, it's from my darling MarySew, this is the result of the sneek peak vinyl cutting we saw a few days ago! Learn how to make The BatSignal Tote Bag by downloading the pdf here! Seriously, print it out you guys and it will be like having you very own MarySew comic book!

Hilariously enough, when I downloaded it and saw it I laughed as hard as the Joker. The night before I got this I'd been lying in bed, dreaming of how I'd do my tutes up as comic book panels. And here comes MarySew in all her brilliance and does the same thing. Oh man finger's crossed mine ends up this good!

Click the link below to see more pics of this amazing tote!

and don't forget to click here to see what Thera has!