Batman Week:: Internet Roundup #1

By Max California - May 04, 2011

In my travels searching for your rad batman crafts, I found a whole swag of awesomeness! Here's the first roundup! Don't forget if you've found something I haven't seen yet, leave it in a comment here or shoot me an email!

Links marked with a * are tutorials!

Click to embiggen!
1. Comic-Book Corseted Waist Belt!*,  2. Superhero Room [from one of my favourite mama bloggers!], 3. iPod cozy, 4. Batman/Riddler tote, 5. Speech Bubble Bracelet,* 6. Holy Awesome Potholders Batman!, 7. Bat Signal Pasties, 8. Comic-Book covered bedside table, 9. Comic Hair Clip by THERA!*

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  1. Rrrrrad! Especially loving the crocheted pot holders.


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