Batman Week - Reader Submission:: BatBolero by Jenny

By Max California - May 02, 2011

Very excited to show this to you guys! One of my lovely readers, Jenny from Stuttgart in Germany made this AMAZING Batman Bolero!

Translated from German is her original post [thanks to Google Translate, it's a bit weird but yeh, You get the gist!]::

Holy Bobbin, Batman!

I'm not sure about the correct name of the presented below garment. A cape, it is probably not, although the term I like. Probably it's more like Bolero, or just a short jumper. For simplicity, I lie down for this contribution to "Landscape" set, finally fits better on Batman.

I have the part already a while ago (years ago? "I know for sure that I've worn in the Cape high school) completed, but was then caught in the dilemma that my camera has driven me with their bad pictures in the madness and I was frustrated after each test so that I had no desire to showcase the Cape. Even for shots is my little digicam is not easy to use and has served at least at this point.

I wanted to sew some kind of short cardigan, just not in the sleeves and no buttons. So just what, what you can to cold over a T-shirt and a keep warm. I also wanted a giant hood with Batman ears. And the Batman logo on the back and the shape of the bat wing rear. Mission accomplished!
(I'm not a fan of hoods. I have never, unless it's raining here but I like to do an exception.)

As a matching accessory I've worn these homemade hair clip:

Dm I have a packet of hair pins (which you turn to open it ... okay?  ) Bought for about one euro.
At home I had printed out the Batsymbol my choice, cut and thick felt (about 0.3 cm) down. I have traced the outlines with a pencil for dark textile materials with tailor's chalk, it would have to go too, I imagine, however, remains difficult. Incidentally, I used a nail scissors in order precision. This allows even small bumps well still be rectified.
Then my beloved design freeze was used so that the felt will not fray, harder, and water repellent. I do unfortunately not a real alternative because it does not freeze design may buy at the store. In the U.S. it Mod Podge, a kind Bastelleim here but very expensive. Maybe you can even napkins glue (diluted?) Use, which theoretically would go if it did not have the same effect as complete design freeze. This simply reap the felt several times over and brush the edges. Because the felt absorbs the glue to dry overnight.
In the end, stick the felt with hot glue to the hair clip - but a piece of cardboard slides into the bracket, so you will not stick to it. Hot glue can be very messy, but if it is dry, you can cut away any protruding yes adhesive.

Unf I love her! I love her hair, I love her cute little face, I love her amazing batman skills. Thera can we keep her too?

You should now go check out her blog - Exclamation-Point !

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  1. Hahahaha, the text is super weird, but oh well. I hope the readers get the idea. ;D

    Thanks so much for featuring me!
    (I also added your blog to my link list because it's awesome! ^_^)

  2. I love this! I love her! She's German, I can stalk her wonderful blog ^^ wohooo!

  3. Awww, gotta love Google Translate. This is so cute! I have got to check out this ladies blog now.

  4. This is adorable! We are definitely adding her to our crew. :)

  5. THAT IS SO CUTE I COULD EXPLODE. I think I need to make one :O


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