Batman Week Submissions!

By ari - May 18, 2011

Here's some cleverness from you guys!

First off San from RobotAlienDinosaur emailed me this CUTE batman apron she made!

It even has a utility belt on it and look she's wearing a mask to protect her secret identity while she bakes!

Jordan emailed me this amazing take on the Harley Quinn costume she made. You can find her here at her Etsy shop! Here's her description of how she made her outfit!

The Joker costume was just put together with a $5 suit and $3 shirt found at a thrift store. No handmade there, he was there as an accessory to me.

I'm in the Harley Quinn costume though, which was handmade by me. I took my own spin on her look and made a jumper dress using a jumper I already owned as a pattern, and cut up two shirts (one black, one red) and sewed them together, and the jester hat I made out of fleece. I bought the tights, though, I was definitely not going to go there.


And then Alice submitted her boyfriend! And his amazing tattoo!

4 hours of colouring that in apparently! And let me tell you from experience, THAT HURTS!

That's pretty amazing dedication right there! What do you think?

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  1. OH MY GOSH I love that apron! So cute!

    Also, that tattoo is rad, but ouch!

    The Harley outfit is darling!


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