Batman Week Tutorial:: Batman Lego Earrings by Dr. Fumbles-McStupid

By Max California - May 03, 2011

In my travels of finding awesome Batman crafts, I found Dr. Fumbles-McStupid! That is probably the most amazing sentence I have ever typed in my life. Anywho, here she is to show you how to make these neato Lego figurine earrings!

Hi, my name is Catherine and pretty much everywhere on the Internet I am known as Dr.FumblesMcStupid (kudos if you know what the name is taken from). I am at college right now studying To eventually be an author for children's and young adult books, and in my free time I like to craft.

Almost every artsy project that I start turns out to be geeky in some nature (Seriously for my art class my collage ended up being of the millennium falcon, in my screen printing class I did katamari and portal prints, and in my accessories class, my final line was titled geektastic). Mostly I just make things for myself, or sometimes for my friends, but in the future I hope to open an etsy store. Keep an eye on my tumblr for more geeky projects (Like D&D dice necklaces) and info on when the store will be opened.

I hope to see you there and now without further ado, a tutorial for Lego Batman earrings!

Click the link below to see the tute!

1. The first method of making the minifigure earrings is using the Lego key-chains. The first thing you want to do is cut the big loop that is holding the chain to the peg in the minifigure's head with the wire cutters.

2. The next thing you want to do is turn the peg so that the hole is facing forward. You may have a little trouble doing this because of the white side of the hair, but just keep working at it with the pliers

3. Next open up the earring hook with the pliers.

4. Put the hook through the peg on the minifigure and close it with the pliers.

5. Now just push the ball down to the bottom of the earring hook and you are done with the earring.

6. The second method is using the Lego minifigure. First you will want to take a drop of gorilla glue and glue the hat to the head. Leave time for it to dry.

[lol I love this photo! - Max]

7. Next you want to drill a hole in the middle of the head. I would highly recommend using a drill press. It makes it a heck of a lot easier to do things precisely. If using a drill press line up the head and press the drill down while it is off to see if it lines up correctly. If it doesn't move it until it does. When it does line up Press the drill slowly down into the head. Press until you feel it go all the way through the hat and the head.

8. Next put the eye-pin through the hole you made to measure it.. You want to cut it short enough so that it won't touch the neck when you put the head back on the body. If the pin is too long, just keep trimming it until it is the right size.

9. Put a dot of gorilla glue into the hole you drilled.

10. Put the eye-pin into the hole and hold it until the glue dries. If needed use another eye-pin and drop some glue on it. Then use it to apply glue to the pin from the underside of the head.

11. Open an earring hook with the pliers.

12. hook through the eye-pin and close with the pliers.

13. and voila! You are done!

here are some things to note about this tutorial.

(1. The lego minifigures I used were a promotional item give away at comic con international, so you can't find the batman minifigure I have, Sorry :( The one that was released by lego looks like this. another option is buying a customized lego minifigure. there are a lot of artists who do this and some take commissions.

(2. As mentioned in the Harley Quinn/Two face earring tutorial, you can use the lego batman key-chain minifigures as well, they often are easier to find and go for cheaper than the regular minifigures.

(3. Both bricklink and ebay are awesome sources for finding lego minifigures. At flea markets you can find legos for dirt cheap, but getting exactly what you want will be a lot harder. Keep in mind, the batman lego sets are now out of production so they can be harder to find.

(4. This tutorial works for any lego minifigure! Batman figures are more expensive than others, but star wars ones you can get for pretty cheap! keep your mind open and try different minifigures!

(5. This doesn't just limit you to earrings! Once you have the eye-pin glued in, you can use it for a necklace or a bracelet. If you are careful when gluing the hair/hat on to the minifigure head, you can still take the head off and use the heads to make a charm bracelet with multiple people on it.

Thanks so much Catherine! 

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  1. holy awesomeness, i want these!
    great tutorial :D

  2. THIS. IS. AWESOME! O.O I finally have a reason to buy leggo! ;D

  3. So cool! If only the boyfriend wasn't selling his lego, then I'd steal his mini-figs.

  4. This is awesome. Mind me asking what size drill you used? Cheers!


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