Batman Week Tutorial: Comic Necklaces

By Max California - May 03, 2011

I've been rocking out my Robin necklace since I made it a few days ago. I LOVE IT. It's so big and obnoxious. I also made a few others but I need more chain before I can rock them equally as hard. The Flash one pictured below is pretty fun also!

These necklaces are made using just images scanned in from comic books [yes scanned! I could never cut up a comic book. Not a DC one anyway!] and saved from the internet, basic jewellery-making supplies and polymer clay! AND MOD PODGE. That stuff is amazo! Hit the jump below the picture to check out the tutorial or download the pdf here.

Keep those submissions coming guys! I am loving what you have!

It's one giant image :) The pdf link above gives you some templates and things also for the Robin, the Flash and the Green Lantern emblems.

Sorry it's so small!! :/ I had serious issues. The pdf is bigger! 

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  1. I will be gathering up supplies and starting this soon! Love it!

  2. LOVE THIS! Such an awesome idea. Can't wait to try it!

  3. Now I've got to get myself some supplies! This is way too awesome not to try!


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