By Max California - May 17, 2011

Nope! Did not fall off the face of the earth, just timed Batman Week right before my best friends' wedding! I still have a few more Batman pposts to throw up so I'll work on them this afternoon!

We flew to Hobart, Tasmania last week for my friends Emily and Tim's wedding. They have one little son, who I named Bruce Wayne Jnr. I think you've seen him around here.

Anyway! I made the bridesmaid dresses!

That's me with the white hair

I guess it's just proof that I CAN make pretty things!

That's me witnessing the marriage. I awesomely forgot my name. I never have to spell out my entire name and the last time I did was at MY wedding so I awesomely signed it with my maiden name!

Not angry! Cold. And Crying!
It was SO COLD in Tasmania and my husband was SO SICK. We were there for four days and the only time he ventured out of the cottage was on the wedding day! It even snowed on Mount Wellington, and the venue for the wedding was at the bottom of it.

It was an amazing day and I kept crying because Emily looked SO beautiful. The best bit, to me, was when my son had to walk up with Tim's son and give them the rings. Little Monster would not let go of his Woody toy so he walked up there with it and then handed it over to them! He was so proud. Lol.

So that was the summary of my weekend!

And now I am sick as a dog, but I promise I'll have the rest of the Batman Week submissions up over this week!

Got any suggestions for another theme week? This was fun!

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  1. The bridesmaids dresses look amazing! And Emily looks absolutely gorgeous! Her dress is so lovely & classic, it's just beautiful.

    Your little man looks adorable in his suit as well!

  2. those dresses are perfect,cute, flirty, and not destined to stay in the closet after the wedding. excellent job. how about a theme week dedicated to shoes? I am always looking for ways to fix up shoes!

  3. You girls look beautiful! Great job on the dresses, love the color!

  4. beautiful dresses you made. get well soon, dear :)

  5. The dresses look amazing. Good Job. What your son did is so adorable!


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