May The Fourth Be With You

By Max California - May 04, 2011

We interrupt your Batman Week with this special news bulletin - International StarWars Day.

L-R: Jemma, Chris, Dana, Max!
May the 4th is known as Star Wars Day due to the whole play on words with the usual slogan "May the Force be with you" to being "May the 4th be with you." GET IT? Good.

Onto the StarWars Day activities!

Would you believe I am NOT an expert cake decorator? HAR HAR

My friend Jemma and I thought it'd be neat if our two nerdy families [they're StarWars Geeks, we're Comic Book Nerds] got together for a StarWars Day party! The Little Monster and I did StarWars themed activities which including playing with storm troopers, playing The Force Unleashed II on the Wii and making a cake!

As little presents for my girls Jemma + Dana I made them little felt stormtrooper hairclips using Thera's batman tutorial she put up today! Let me tell you cutting those babies out was NOT FUN but they look so cute I am defo making more [How do we feel about an upcoming StarWars week/Month?]

Modeled by the lovely Dana
I just used white felt and cut out the fiddly little stormtrooper helmets, you can see on the top photo of them the one on left has had to have eye surgery since I somehow ripped it off while gluing it down. i used black felt for the backers, stitched little red bow buttons as decorations and then glued a snap clip to the back. I need to buy more snap clips.

The gang got here and we all were wearing our favourite StarWars shirts and ate pizza [totally approved by the Rebel Alliance] and watched Episode I: The Phantom Menace! We didn't eat the cake because we were too busy discussing ways to blow up the Death Star and how babin' Hayden Christensen is. Never mind though, because tomorrow is Revenge of the Fifth and I will just re-ice the thing!

Ugh this pic is so damn cute!
OH I awesomely did NOT get a picture of Chris and Jemma's StarWars kicks. Tomorrow I will for

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  1. laughing my butt off- I love the revenge of the fifth! ha!

    I vote yes on next month having star wars theme!

    have been enjoying batman week.

  2. I love Star Wars! But only the first ones! Someone needed to hit George Lucas over the head with a shovel in 1983. I'm on a hunt to get the originals on vhs so I can see the real movie, cuz ya know. Han shot first! hahaha

  3. LOVE the hair clips! So cute! I'd definitely be up for a Star Wars week!!


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