Tutorial: KFC Bucket upcycle!

By ari - May 30, 2011

Right this is when my family thinks I'm truly insane. Your parents invite you to dinner, they're getting KFC. That's cool, you think, I like the KFC chips. Then when you get there you see all the chicken in a big bucket. And you get super duper excited.

"Dad!" you say, "Can I have the bucket?"
"Sure," he says, not really phased. He's used to your shenanigans by now. The only way you can truly shock him is to drink the vilest of vile drinks in front of him. Beer. He knows you hate beer. He adds, "You can take the leftover chicken too."
"No I don't want the chicken!" you reply, "Just the bucket!"
Dad shrugs and puts all the chicken in a container, handing you the bucket.

All the way home your mind KNOWS it wants to re-purpose it into something cool, but you've had such a dry spell lately with crafting you can't think WHAT.To tell you the truth, even now it is finished I STILL don't know what to use it for.

I present to you, the Comic Book Bin. Or Bucket. Or something!



I just don't know what yet.

Unf Nightwing...


Things you'll need

  • Old Comic Books or comic book scans. If you don't have any books to scan just google search for some! This blog is super neat!
  • KFC bucket. Wipe it out so it's not still chickeny!
  • Mod Podge! My beautiful, BEAUTIFUL craft wife Thera sent me a cute care package a little while ago. I t contained TWO jars of Mod Podge, which at the time you couldn't get easily here in Australia. Well now I have it OF COURSE you can buy it at Spotlight. Hhaha. Oh well! Mod Podge is an epic amazing glue varnish. I've used it earlier on my necklaces but I'm so excited to just use it on EVERYTHING.
  • Paintbrush. For painting on the glue
  • Blank paper or thin card. black or white
  • Scissors. Uh. For cutting...

I painted the whole bucket black first, roughly, because I wasn't really sure where I was going with it at first and thought a plain base was best to start with.

Choose the comic pages, you're going to need about 5. I chose 5 pages all from thesame book so the art style matched. Hold up one page to your bucket to make sure, but you're going to want to cut about an inch off the top or the bottom of each page.

Cut right up the middle of the page, almost to the top. This will help it mold around the curve of the bucket easier!

Figure out which side you want facing out and then paint mod podge all over the back of it.

Slide the page up and push the top of it snugly under the lip of the bucket. Smooth down one half of the page, then smooth down the other, letting the slice up the middle overlap.

Flip the bucket upside down. Make snips in the overlap edges. This will help it spread when you stick it down. Add some more glue if you haven't got enough and press down the flaps!

Paint some Mod Podge over the flaps to keep it down and seal it!

Repeat these steps until the bucket is covered! You most likely will have a small gap at the beginning/end. 

I cut the title from one of the comics and glued it over the gap!

Paint Mod Podge over all the seams, the bits between the pages and the slices up the centers of them.

I found panels I liked, yes most of them are of Nightwing :3, and glued them to some white and black paper to make them stand out more against the bucket.

Cut them all out!

Modpodge them to the bucket wherever you want them to go. I like placing them at jaunty angles. Paint some modpodge over the top of them too to help them stick!

Once you have them all glued on, let them dry for about 15-20 minutes. Then paint modpodge over the entire bucket. I only did one coat and it seems to be holding up well, but if you let it dry overnight you can put another coat on in the morning to make extra sure.

Also paint loads of glue over the base, to make sure it stays firmly attached.

When it's dry you have a pretty rad bucket to put something in! [it's been a week and I still don't know what to do with it. It's too cool to use!]

On the inside I glued Batman's eyes, awesomely crooked.

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  1. This is brilliant, love it!!! Mod Podge is the best. Did you know there is a flick group dedicated to Mod Podge craft? You should share your Comic Bucket with the group and blog! http://www.flickr.com/groups/modpodgerocks/

  2. Unf, Nightwing, indeed! I totally miss him in his Nightwing costume!

    My first thought was that maybe the bucket could be a cool flower/planting pot with the help of a few plastic bags or something.

    (and your image-heavy tutorial made my browser crash like 3 times, haha :D)


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