Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tutorial: Faux shrug t-shirt surgery

I got this large Blink 182 t-shirt on eBay when I realised I did not own one Blink shirt. I felt really bad! Anyway awesomely enough this shirt has a print on the front and on the back so in my eyes that = two shirts! Hurray!

I cut up the back of it for the idea I had in mind, so I still have the front of the shirt left to make something radical out of. You can see a video of me wearing it here.

As you can see I made it into a scoop-neck tank type deal with a shrug-looking section over the top from contrast fabric! It's all joined together and you can pull it on like a normal shirt. The back is just plain.

[Scroll down to the bottom of  this post to see something else I made last year with the same version of this Blink 182 shirt! Warning: Contains cute!]

Are you ready for the tutorial?
What you'll need is:

T-shirt you want to operate on
Contrast fabric
Pattern pieces from your favourite shirt! [tutorial how to do that here]


Vlog: Blink 182 T-Shirt Surgery

Hiya! I finished this shirt today. Writing up the tutorial now so it will be up either later tonight or early tomorrow morning :) Enjoy!


Monday, 27 June 2011

Tutorial: Make a pattern from your favourite t-shirt

Well I did finish my Jedi minidress! If you're following this blog's twitter you would have seen me tweet it and the robe earlier today! [the twitter widget is on the left sidebar there]

Tonight I'm bringing you a short tutorial. I think it's kind of necessary for all the tutes I'll be bringing you in August, and even though it's simple and basic I think it's helpful to know if you've never done it before. I'm going to show you how to make a pattern from your favourite t-shirt so that you can use it to model t-shirt surgeries or even making yourself a nice fitting shirt from scratch. It also means that you don't have to destroy your favourite shirt to get a good pattern!

You ready? Lessgo!


Vlog: What I'm working on today!

So Thera has been video-blogging and mkaing tutes and things for a while. She made me a really sweet video proclaiming her undying love for me so I made her one back! It was so scary! Now I have the bug and I'm enjoying video-blogging.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a small video with bonus shenanigans from my son for you guys, just talking about my current works-in-progress which I am going to try and complete today!

Oh you get to hear one of the very few words little Monster can say "Preeze?"


Friday, 17 June 2011

Recycled Comic Book Fridge Magnets

I've been mod-podging all over the place lately. I'm not going to show you ALL the things I made until a slow news day I think. Or whenever you feel you can trust looking at yet another thing made from comic book panels and mod podge!

I glued some panels onto cereal boxes, mod-podged them and used old magnets glued to the back, you know free magnets you get at take away or video stores? Those!

How cool are they? The Dc Comics one and the Star Wars one were tags from shirts, the blue one at the top is the rule for Sheldon's "Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock" game.

I'm a massive Mod Podge addict and I have to thank my craft wife Thera for sending me a bottle and starting it all!


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Star Wars Month!

That's right. We loved Batman Week so much, even though life got a bit hectic at the end of it and I couldn't finish it up properly [I promise next year will be EPIC], we decided to throw a Star Wars Month!

Star Wars Month will run for the entire month of August [this has nothing to do with my birthday near the end of the month!] from August 1-31!

Little Monster's name is changing up to Youngling and I'm now a Jedi. Well Jedi Apprentice. I don't claim to know all things Star Wars, no that is reserved for one of my best friends Chris who is teaching me everything he knows. I love Star Wars though, and a lot of my friends do too so we thought we'd come together and share our appreciation for it!

This month you'll see tutorials from myself, from my craft wife Thera, as well as some awesome things from my gang of crafty fiends. I'm also forcing my real-life fiends to contribute too! I've been trawling the internet hardcore but if you have something email it in okay?

All posts are being queued up and there'll be a fresh Star Wars themed post up every morning of August at 9am AEST!

And yes, all the signatures for that month will now look like this...

You knew it had to be done.

And you know what else? If we can think up a month full of new things, or hell even a week, we will totally be doing this next May for May The Fourth. Yeh. That's right.

Oh and a disclaimer, I have a very big crush on Hayden Christensen, so there may be some gratuitous Anakin Skywalker pics around. Send me an email with your ideas or Star Wars themed crafts! You got like a month and a half!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Checkered Dress

I made this inspired by one of my favourite villains, Harley Quinn. I sketched two designs and my friends chose this one although I'm going to make the second also because it's more HQ.

Basic little dress with sweetheart bust line, lace yolks front and back and cap sleeves. So easy! yes it is ridic short, I do still need to sew a band across the bottom but we're about to run out the door to go to Brisbane so I'll have to do it later!

More pics under the cut!