Checkered Dress

3:53 pm

I made this inspired by one of my favourite villains, Harley Quinn. I sketched two designs and my friends chose this one although I'm going to make the second also because it's more HQ.

Basic little dress with sweetheart bust line, lace yolks front and back and cap sleeves. So easy! yes it is ridic short, I do still need to sew a band across the bottom but we're about to run out the door to go to Brisbane so I'll have to do it later!

More pics under the cut!

The sun was in my eyes. I'm not mad I swear!

Have a good weekend folks! I'll be back tomorrow with some more goodies!

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  1. perfect!! I love it! your hail looks rad, too!

  2. love!! especially the lacy bits!! xo

  3. cute dress and I LOVE your leggings

  4. I love it! That lace bit looks gorgeous--what a great combo of fabrics. And your hair looks quite awesome! I wish I could pull off a style like that.

  5. loving this top on you. Good Job!

  6. I am in LOVE with that top! I can't wait to come visit so you can teach me the ways of yolks! You're freakin' amazing!

    I love your new hair color too!


  7. So cool! The lace and the checkered fabric go perfect together.

  8. Harley Quinn inspired dress, genius!!! It's so cute too.

  9. Oh wow! Great job! Can't wait to see the other one.

  10. Lol short! But cute!
    Make this a tutorial please?!

  11. Love it! It looks very Harley Quinn, and I really like the lace you used. Also, rad hair is rad. By which I mean I also love your hair!


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