Star Wars Month!

By ari - June 11, 2011

That's right. We loved Batman Week so much, even though life got a bit hectic at the end of it and I couldn't finish it up properly [I promise next year will be EPIC], we decided to throw a Star Wars Month!

Star Wars Month will run for the entire month of August [this has nothing to do with my birthday near the end of the month!] from August 1-31!

Little Monster's name is changing up to Youngling and I'm now a Jedi. Well Jedi Apprentice. I don't claim to know all things Star Wars, no that is reserved for one of my best friends Chris who is teaching me everything he knows. I love Star Wars though, and a lot of my friends do too so we thought we'd come together and share our appreciation for it!

This month you'll see tutorials from myself, from my craft wife Thera, as well as some awesome things from my gang of crafty fiends. I'm also forcing my real-life fiends to contribute too! I've been trawling the internet hardcore but if you have something email it in okay?

All posts are being queued up and there'll be a fresh Star Wars themed post up every morning of August at 9am AEST!

And yes, all the signatures for that month will now look like this...

You knew it had to be done.

And you know what else? If we can think up a month full of new things, or hell even a week, we will totally be doing this next May for May The Fourth. Yeh. That's right.

Oh and a disclaimer, I have a very big crush on Hayden Christensen, so there may be some gratuitous Anakin Skywalker pics around. Send me an email with your ideas or Star Wars themed crafts! You got like a month and a half!

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  1. YAY! I totally have something cute up my sleeve. I can't wait to get home and get started! <3

  2. Awesome! My little one is going as Han Solo this year for Halloween, and his teddy is dressing up as Chewbacca. I usually don't work on it until September, but maybe this year I will have to draw something up to include for August!

  3. Hurray, I have some Star Wars tees to reconstruct! I've also got an op-shopped Star Wars quilt cover & pillow case laying around that Shannon wants me to make into a shirt for him, so hopefully I will have something for Star Wars month.

  4. Wooooooo! I love Star Wars! Well, the original Star Wars (otherwise known as the good ones, ha!) I was just saying I need a Princess Leia costume. Now I have a great reason to make it!

  5. We could make our own lightsabers! Or learn how to do the Leia buns! I can't wait!


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