Dress with a Peplum + Tutorial

By ari - September 15, 2011

See this dress?

  I made it out of a Star Wars single bed quilt cover. I drafted the pattern myself from my old fashion school blocks.

I am so ready for Anakin to take me to prom!

It was pretty fun to make, even if the Star Wars print on it was apparently old curtain material. It was rubber backed! It was thick to sew on my poor old machine [I made this before I got my new machines] and it was kinda sticky. The turquoise part was the back of the quilt cover and is just a very thin cotton poplin. 

I bought the quilt cover on eBay for about $10 which was awesome and when I recieved it I realised that it had been homemade by someone else. There were no tags and I suppose that is why they used the curtain fabric? Either way it was too awesome. 

I still have about half of the Star Wars fabric left. I have no idea what to make out of it but it's definitely heading to my sacred fabrics pile. You know the rare stuff you get in small quantities you are too scared to use in case you don't do it justice? Yeh the remnants are destined for that place.

Do you want to make one too? You can download the pdf of the tutorial here {mediafire} or here {google docs} In it I'll show you how to draft the pattern yourself [this means a perfect fit!] and how to sew it all up!

[Seriously having a terrible photo-taking day so yes, you get three pics almost identical as a preview. Also I linked this project up to some Linky Parties!]

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  1. That is awesome! I love you <3

  2. I love that dress! It kinda makes me wish that we could host a completely Star Wars themed prom.

  3. *squeels with delight* I think I need to change my undies... Brb

    Xo Steph

  4. I am pretty sure you are the most awesome and rocking momma I know. This is amazing! I love it!

  5. I told you yesterday, and I will tell you again today. I L.O.V.E. this dress!!! Features on the homepage today over at SewSet!

    Thanks again!

    - Jess

  6. I'm teaching my daughters to sew this year and I really really really like your tutorial for this! It covers a ton of how-to info in a simple approach and the dress is beautiful!!!! :) I'm looking forward to sharing this with them. Thank you for the work you put into posting this! :)

  7. I'm teaching my daughters how to sew and I really, really, really like this tutorial! You've presented a ton of how to information in a simple approach and the dress is beautiful! Thank you for the work you put into doing this. I'm looking forward to getting them started on this one :)

  8. Help! I downloaded the tutorial and I can't seem to find the pattern block you mention anywhere. I really want to make this dress.

  9. Oh I could not love this more! Love quilt cover remakes


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