Tutorial: Bleached Out Slogan tee

By Max California - August 11, 2011

Ahh I love how this turned out!

I used my favourite dialogue between Princess Leia and Han Solo where she professes her love for him and he replies in a very... scruffy-lookin' nerf-herder way!

Oh man it makes me laugh every time.

Anyway, hit the jump for the tutorial!

Using the font Star Jedi [which is a free font you can get from here] I typed up a short quote. I didn't want anything too big because I couldn't be bothered cutting out that many letters!

Other quotes I was thinking of using, and probably still will, included:

Han Shot First
It's a trap
Red Five
That's no moon
Rebel Scum
[pretty sure my fellow forcebookers could come up with a trillion more]

Using some baking paper, I traced the letters off the computer screen [or you could print it hhaha] then stuck the paper to some heavier paper that would withstand being cut out and beached on. [I used to wrapper that printer paper comes in]

Cut the letters out

I used stickytape rolled up and stuck each letter to the shirt. If you have Freezer Paper you can use that and iron it on but I don't have that here in this country -_- so this is a nice time consuming way of doing the same thing. Either way, get your letters to stick! In future I'm going to see if a glustick works.

Put some bleach in a spraybottle and place a folded towel in your shirt [so you're not bleaching the whole way through it]. Go outside and spray the shirt however which way you want it. I left it to dry overnight and in the morning I just peeled the letters off.


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  1. Love this! I've been meaning to mess around with some bleach for ages now, and this gives me a really good reason to do it.

  2. I love how this turned out! I'm with Miss Peregrin: I've been wanting to try this technique for a long time, too, and now I have motivation to do so! :)

  3. I've got a dress I wanna do this to!
    But what do you do with it after bleaching and drying? Can you just wash it normally (or according to garment instructions), or would you have to rinse it?

  4. Girl Maverick: When I work with those bleach pens to spot clean shirts or stuffed toys, what I do is just wait for the bleach to dry before throwing it in the washing machine. No mishaps so far!

  5. I love this! Maybe you have a future in t-shirt printing. Hope you consider the idea, at least.

  6. That is FABULOUS! The idea and the execution! *applauds*

  7. So Neat! That is a great way to get more wear our of a short with bleach marks:)

  8. This is a nice refresher for shirts!

  9. This is a nice refresher for old shirts!


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