Tutorial: Lego Lightsaber Necklaces

By ari - August 07, 2011

I've seen these all over the place, but I couldn't be bothered trying to find a drill bit small enough to drill a hole into the hilt of a lego lightsaber so I did it my own way!

You can try bidding on them on eBay but it gets really crazy on there! Click here to buy a set of 8 on Amazon [including two glow in the dark!]

Tutorial beneath the cut!

You will need:
Small pliers
A length of chain as long as you want the necklace to be
Jump rings [I used 3]
Cigarette Lighter - or something to start fires with
Safety Pin/Needle - make sure it is pretty fat [as fat as the jumprings]

 Attach the jump-rings to the chain and the clasp to one of the rings.

Take the hilt off your lightsaber, they should be easy to click out. Get your pin and hold it up to the flame, making the metal hot!

Push it through the plastic hilt. Make sure you do it in a straight line and push through the middle of the hilt otherwise you'll get this...

It melted right through the side of the hilt. So instead of a channel I had a nice big slice out of the side. Awesome. Not really.

Luckily I had a few of them! Phew! My second go was a bit difficult. I had to get a second pin and push through halfway through the hilt then go again coming from the other side. Somehow I bent it slightly. Heh.

Still it did what I wanted it to do!

Slide a jumpring through the channel in the hilt, choose your favourite colour and you're ready to slice off your son's hand!

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  1. So cute! I never would have thought of using a lighter & pin to melt a hole in the sabers. So simple, and it works so well!


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