Tutorial: Off the Shoulder T-Shirt Surgery

By ari - August 04, 2011

Smoothtrooper lovers yo mammas flap-jacks!

It's true!

When my sister and her fiance came back from Japan they told me about this hilarious shirt they saw. I looked for it on eBay and I found it! [Pretty sure if you haven't worked out by now, eBay was my BFF all throughout the preparation for this month!]

Here's what the original shirt looked like

I resized it and made it off-the shoulder. Would you like to learn how?

You'll need a t-shirt. Either one that fits you well or is oversize. If it fits you fine you can skip the first part of the tutorial and go straight to adding the band. You'll also need anough black stretchknit that will go around your shoulders. Also if you haven't already, use this tutorial to make yourself a quick t-shirt pattern that will fit you perfectly :)

Fold the tee in half

Pin the t-shirt pattern over it. Cut it out.

Cut the top of the shirt off. I cut it down about an inch and a half from the neck and across in a straight line so it hits the armhole about half way.

Pin the sleeve patterns to the existing sleeves and cut. I just use the existing hem for most of my sleeves. In oversize shirts it makes them hit me just above the elbow which is a length I love! Cut out.

Fold the sleeves in half so the right sides are together. Stitch up the side seam of both of the sleeves.

Stitch up the side seams of the t-shirt body up the armpits.

Place the seam of the sleeve on the side seam of the shirt

Pin that together

Pin the sleeve to the armhole of the shirt.


It should look like this :P

Now cut of the excess of the sleeves

Measure across the top of your shirt, front and back.

Cut a piece of black stretchknit that measurement. Make sure the stretch is going ACROSS your body. The width of it should be how wide you want the band to be [mine is about 6cm] x 2 [so the width of mine is a bit over 12cm]

Fold the band in widthways [so make the shorter ends sit on top of each other] and stitch 

Fold the band in half lengthways and pin the open ends to the top of the shirt like this -

Flip it right side out and HURRAH. Finito!

Seriously how easy was that?

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  1. Heehee, I still freakin' love this shirt! It looks really good as an off-the-shoulder top as well.

  2. LOVE IT! Can't wait to try this!


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