Tutorial: Ruffled Mini

By ari - August 09, 2011

Probably the simplest of skirts, this style I whip up when I have nothing to wear or if I have stray rectangles of fabric. This particular Star Wars skirt was made from two Fat-quarters I bought on eBay. I bought them as one continuous piece of fabric but if you have them cut seperately I don't think it'd be that big a deal.

This is a really great way to use fat quarters you buy of awesome fabric but don't know what to do with them!

You'll need some fabric that will wrap around you twice comfortably, some stretchknit and some lace if you want it to be super cute.

Layout your fabric. Mine is apparently two fat quarters wide [which is you know, a regular width of fabric. so either 112-115cm wide]

Cut in half lengthways. Make sure it's a good length, not too short. Lucky for me this length is perfect. Hold it up to you, on your low waist [so where you wear your jeans and knickers etc] and figure out if it's the right length for you.

Place one length over the other, right sides together.  Stitch up one side of it and serge

Also serge across the entire bottom of the skirt, folding it up one to two cms and hemming it.

Attach the lace to the hem. I attached mine on the inside of the skirt, and bunched it up as I sewed it so it was ruffly.

Cut out some stretchknit. I cout out two rectangles but yours can just be one piece if you like. It should fit around your low waist comfortably but stretch slightly [You don't want it too loose that one quick tug can make it drop! Or maybe you do -_-]

If you have two pieces like mine, place one on the other like you did with the skirt panel and stitch one width of it.

Fold the stretchknit in half lengthways, pin the sideseam of the stretch fabric to the side seam of the skirt.

Pin each edge of the waistband to each edge of the skirt. It is obviously not going to match up. You're going to follow steps 6-9 in this tutorial for how to make it all ruffley and gathered-ish, without all the hard work! 

So once you pin it all it will look like this! [click to make larger!]

Using a zigzag stitch, and stretching the fabric slowly, stitch your seam! Then overlock it!

It's going to look like this!

Now fold your skirt in half and stitch down the sideseam, making sure you match up the join where the waistband meets the skirt.

Serge that seam and VOILA! Finito!

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  1. looking hawt, dear :D The fabric is so cool

  2. So cute! I can't wait to make one of these minis!


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