Yoda Hat

By ari - August 02, 2011

Heather from Dollar Store Crafts made this adorable Yoda hat! You can make it for adults or children. Here's the one I made for my Youngling!

All you need is green fleece [from the roll or from an old blanket] and some buttons! I got the blanket for $4 from the local Crazy Whatever-They-Call-Themselves-Now. I used the existing hem on it as the hem for the hat so I didn't need the extra band she uses in the tutorial.

When two years old you reach, look this cute you will not

In future Yoda hats oh yes there will be many more in my future] I would add interfacing to the ears to make them stick out a little more.

*Force Wave* You will follow this link to the tutorial

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is so cute! Do you reckon I'm too old to wear one?

  2. I'm making this for my wee one this weekend. He is going to be Yoda for the Zombiewalk (because he has to stay in his backpack due to crowds-get it?)


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