Friday, 16 September 2011

Death Star Singlet

Not sure if I blogged about this shirt or not? I'm currently going through all the photos on my old computer and finding loads of things I don't think I had ever put up here!

If I have well, uh, let's reminisce together shall we?

I stenciled this singlet on May 5, I remember this because we were celebrating the afterparty of May the Fourth [be with you] as Revenge of the Fifth

 It was a plain white singlet I had made last year, but I had nothing to wear that night. We were actually going to go see Thor and I thought this would be appropriate? hahah. Anyway!

It was a mad dash to make myself another Star Wars shirt, I didn't have ANYTHING to stencil with so I used one of those plastic shipping bags I had gotten a parcel in. It made the stencil easy to make and cut out but I had to tape it down everywhere so it was not appropriate for stencilling something even as simple as the Death Star!

Overall I love the way it turned out, even if one of my friends teased me and asked why I had a half-eaten orange stenciled on my shirt.


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Beach Shorts

At Spotlight the other day, I spied this cute blue + white striped terry towelling fabric. All I could think of was my boy's delicious chunky legs sticking out of a pair of shorts at the beach.

And that's exactly what I made it into when I got home. I was over-enthusiastic and got 1.5m. And these shorts took up like... 25cm. Soooo I need to think of some cool towelling fabric projects!

Hilariously enough I went into my studio to hunt for some cord [didn't find any] and found green and white striped terry cloth...

I used Dana's Kids Pants pattern and adjusted it to make it into short shorts. I seriously love this pattern. It's a  perfect for for my Little Monster! He's tall and skinny and although the length is a little too long I know I can give them wide hems and give him room to grow! When he's out of nappies they should still fit around his little slender hips too.
I like big butts and I cannot lie
[I linked this project up to some Linky Parties!]

Dress with a Peplum + Tutorial

See this dress?

  I made it out of a Star Wars single bed quilt cover. I drafted the pattern myself from my old fashion school blocks.

I am so ready for Anakin to take me to prom!

It was pretty fun to make, even if the Star Wars print on it was apparently old curtain material. It was rubber backed! It was thick to sew on my poor old machine [I made this before I got my new machines] and it was kinda sticky. The turquoise part was the back of the quilt cover and is just a very thin cotton poplin. 

I bought the quilt cover on eBay for about $10 which was awesome and when I recieved it I realised that it had been homemade by someone else. There were no tags and I suppose that is why they used the curtain fabric? Either way it was too awesome. 

I still have about half of the Star Wars fabric left. I have no idea what to make out of it but it's definitely heading to my sacred fabrics pile. You know the rare stuff you get in small quantities you are too scared to use in case you don't do it justice? Yeh the remnants are destined for that place.

Do you want to make one too? You can download the pdf of the tutorial here {mediafire} or here {google docs} In it I'll show you how to draft the pattern yourself [this means a perfect fit!] and how to sew it all up!

[Seriously having a terrible photo-taking day so yes, you get three pics almost identical as a preview. Also I linked this project up to some Linky Parties!]


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Painting with Spray Bottles

I've been on a bit of a link adventure the last few days. You know where you are checking out one blog and it links to another and that links to another and you end up having about 45 tabs open and a whole new list of things you want to make? Yeh, I call that a Link Adventure. I love it, it helps with motivation. Ya know, if I can drag myself away from the laptop and actually start making things!

Anyway, on this link adventure this morning, I saw this really cute and simple idea over at the Land of Nod blog. Painting with squirt guns.

The last few days Little Monster has been running around with his squirt gun, but of course when I actually decide we can use it for something constructive I can't find it. So I got the next best thing, spray bottles!

As you can see by his dimples, he was having a BLAST

Make sure if you're using spray bottles that used to have chemicals in them that you wash them out thoroughly!

It seriously was so simple. Just use whatever you have around the house. I used the Chronicle roll of paper I use to make patterns and ripped off a long section. I pegged it to the fly screen on the back door and covered the cement with old towels. I used two old spray bottles and filled them with the worst paint I have ever bought.

I bought the paint last year for one of the Little Monster's parties and although I usually can get good quality paints for cheap, this was just awful. It was so watery and not suitable for what I wanted it for. Luckily I kept a hold of it and it was PERFECT for putting in spray bottles!

If your paint is a bit thick, water it down and it should come out easily. I did have a few problems trying to make sure he painted only the paper, I did catch him squirting it out across the driveway and our dog has blue patches now. The Little Monster was mainly good though!

I let it dry for the day on the grass then cut it to size and framed it in a cheap frame I spray painted black. This is going to look great on feature wall we are planning! [More on that laters, I am SO excited]

After he woke up from his nap I casually showed him his art up on the wall, just pointing out to him the new picture. He stared at it blankly for a moment before he recognised it then he stated telling me how he painted it outside. The Little Monster is quite proud if it!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

King of the Castle: Crown Tutorial

I made a crown for the Little Monster almost two years ago when Where The Wild Things Are came out at the movies. I made a little hood for him as well, but the crown still kicks around in his dress-up box [which is, by the way, quite pitiful. It contains 24 pairs of 3D glasses, a construction helmet, said crown and the Yoda beanie].

I had made that crown out of felt and it looked like this...

Seriously how CUTE was he!
Today he wanted to play dressup. I got to wear the Yoda beanie and a pair of safety goggles [thanks son] and he wore his crown and a pair of 3D glasses. He wanted to wear the crown all day, and somehow it stayed perched on his head.

I decided my little prince deserved a new crown, so I set about making him one.

You can click the jump below to read the tutorial or download it as a PDF here!


Seamstress Tiger

I found this on tumblr the other day and oh boy it made me laugh!

Go follow Seamstress Tiger now, you're guaranteed to be nodding your head and grinning!


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

T-Shirt Surgery: Lace and Bow Back Minidress Tutorial

Turn an oversized tee from this

To this! 
{SORRY! I can't find the original finished photo, so here is a webcam snap of it. I will replace this with the proper photo asap!}

Hit the jump below for the full tutorial...

Monday, 5 September 2011

Green Lantern T-Shirt Surgery x2

When Green Lantern FINALLY came out here in Australia in August, I made myself a minidress to wear to the private screening we went to! I won a shirt there so I made a second dress when I went again later that week with my friends!

The green was the original shirts, and I added the black fabric.

This one has a lace back

And a small lace panel across the chest

Both super simple designs but I really like them!

Tutorials coming soon! [Excuse the phone pics!]