Beach Shorts

By ari - September 15, 2011

At Spotlight the other day, I spied this cute blue + white striped terry towelling fabric. All I could think of was my boy's delicious chunky legs sticking out of a pair of shorts at the beach.

And that's exactly what I made it into when I got home. I was over-enthusiastic and got 1.5m. And these shorts took up like... 25cm. Soooo I need to think of some cool towelling fabric projects!

Hilariously enough I went into my studio to hunt for some cord [didn't find any] and found green and white striped terry cloth...

I used Dana's Kids Pants pattern and adjusted it to make it into short shorts. I seriously love this pattern. It's a  perfect for for my Little Monster! He's tall and skinny and although the length is a little too long I know I can give them wide hems and give him room to grow! When he's out of nappies they should still fit around his little slender hips too.
I like big butts and I cannot lie
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  1. So cute. I love it when they start turning into little boys from being babies/toddlers.

    Also, what about a matching beach robe? I think Dana has a pattern for one that I was going to try with some goldfish terry I found.

  2. How adorable! You are right his little legs look fabulous and I love Dana's patterns too! I'm not sure if you are into link parties but I would love for you to come share this at my weekly link party. It opens up every Monday morning!


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