Dinosaur Planter Tutorial

By ari - October 25, 2011

I made this dinosaur planter yesterday after seeing something similar on Pinterest!

A few months back, we scored a big milk-crate of dinosaurs for $10 from a garage sale. Monster has loved them, I find dinosaurs everywhere and it makes me laugh as I wonder what he was imagining when he was playing with them.

I chose one of the dinosaurs and cut a hole in the back. Choose a toy that is rubbery, and not solid! I used a small hacksaw to cut across the dinosaur's back, then I could cut a rectangle.

I was just going to use a corkscrew, but my husband drilled holes in the bottom of the dinosaur. He got a bit carried away actually, haha.

 I gave it about 3 coats of spraypaint, letting it sit for a few hours inbetween so it wouldn't drip. I let it dry overnight and then this morning I put some gravel in the bottom, followed by potting mix + soil and then one of my smaller aloe vera plants!

I love the gloss-black look! Tim has told me to make two more.

And here's the original I found on Pinterest

Source: svpply.com via Adam on Pinterest

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  1. this is fabulous!! love the shiny 'coat' on the dinosaur and the aloe looks unreal

  2. This is pretty awesome. I am on the look out for some dinos at our local thrift stores.

    Also, pro tip! If you cut holes at the corners of where you want to cut your hole in the top of the dino, you can easily slip a jig-saw/hacksaw blade in to cut the straight edges.

  3. Even better than the inspiration. Great work!

  4. Holy Carp Batman! This is adorable! I'm thinking of buying a condo soon and these ideas are going to make it so cute!


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