Elsie Marley's Kids Clothing Week Challenge!

By ari - October 09, 2011

Tomorrow marks the start of the second Kids Clothing Week of the year over at Elsie Marley. Naturally I'm excited, since I LOVE making stuff for the little dude!

The premise is that basically you spend an hour each day for the week working on making something for your little kid! You don't have to make seven complete items of clothing. If it takes you the week to make one thing, that's fine! The idea is to just get sewing for your kids [like I need any more motivation :D ]

Here's some ideas I'm going to be using as inspiration for this week. I bought some Freezer Paper off eBay last week, which is very hilarious I'm sure for you Americans, but it's difficult to get here in Australia! Anyway I'm super psyched to use it for stencils!

 I definitely want to do this stencil!

 Cirque du Bebe convinced me to buy the Urban Hoodie pattern [$6 on Heidi + Finn's etsy store] because of this adorable striped number!

 Fisherboy shorts by one of my favouritest blogs ever! [Slightly amusing since they are a thoroughly wholesome family with 5 girls! + one brand new baby boy!]

I really like this two-tone effect! A lot!


These were made for the KCWC earlier this year, I LOVE THEM

Cannot get over the cuteness of this 'Strong Man' shirt!

I love Very Purple Person's pointed hoodie! It's supposed to be spring here, but I'm going to make this anyway!
I'm also going to make the backpack I got the pattern for by Rae like, uh, last year? I'm so SLACK! From past experience with Rae's patterns, I'm really excited for the perfect pattern, clear instructions and the humorous way she writes :D

You can check out other things I would love to make for my Little Monster on the 'For Vince' Pinterest board

Head over to Elsie Marley to check out the pre-party she had this past week, there's quite a few tutorials and round-ups.

Some other places you can check out for sweet children's clothing tutorials + inspiration are:

And of course don't forget to check out my Tutorials page! If you have written some ace kids clothing tutes, leave the link in the comments for us all to suss out!

See you tomorrow, Snip Snip!

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  1. Oh my gosh I'm so excited about your KCWC creations! Just thought i'd click on you and here you are a blogger yourself and a mad sewing obsessed one at that. I think we should keep in touch! I like your 'max' signature for the end of your posts too. I've got one but I don't know how to attach it to the end of my posts yet...any hints?


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