KCWC: Batman Urban Hoodie

By ari - October 10, 2011

After seeing this post by Cirque du bebe, it kinda cinched the deal with me that I should invest a whole $7 into a pattern for the Urban Hoodie. The pattern was emailed to me this morning and I squealed in excitement! 

I had issues with the little Monster model, but I'm really happy with how it turned out! I used a batman shirt I had reconstructed for him already, but I had an epic fail on the neck [it was like an off the shoulder top...]. I cannot throw anything away with a perfectly good Batman symbol screenprint on it, so I saved it for about a year... Maybe I do need help?

I used that tee for the right front panel, and some black and white striped fabric for the left front panel. The rest is black stretchknit and the entire thing is lined in white stretch.

I lined the hood in something else that probably should have been thrown away also. A batrillion years ago I bought Tim -my husband- a pair of batman boxer shorts. Well they lasted a very long time, faded by the sunlight while drying on the clothesline, until one day for some reason I found them with a giant tear in the uh... bottom region. Nevertheless I knew I would use the boxers for some pocket linings or something small, so I kept them. It was only a few months before I got to use them as hood lining, but still, further proof I have a problem...

I also discovered today that my beautiful new sewing machine, Spaceship, can sew buttons. That's right. It can sew buttons onto the garment. It seriously took me ten seconds after figuring out how it was done.


Not that those days ever existed, if you look through my detailed records on here you will see that the moments of me using buttons on ANYTHING are almost non-existant because... I hate hand sewing!


Anyway, little wiggle-pot Monster was done with taking pics, wiped his nose on the sleeve of his new jacket and took off...

 The pattern for this hoodie was by Heidi and Finn on Etsy. This was my first item for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge over at Elsie Marley.

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  1. What? Sews buttons? I wish my machine did that. It would make sewing for my husband sooo easy, as buttons (and torn crotches) are the number 1 mending item on my family's list.

    Also, I put those pictures upon the flickr pool. They are crazy blurry, because my 1 year old has better things to do than hold still for a photo even when I promise him goldfish.

  2. Omg, this hoodie is amazing! I can see why you decided to buy the pattern for this, it is incredibly cute. I love the boxers used for lining the hood. I never would have thought of that, and it looks so good.

    I wish my sewing machine sewed buttons! Actually, I think it might, I'll have to read the instruction manual again. That would be way easier than handsewing!

  3. Awesome work! He rocks in his new hoodie.


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