Le Shirt

By ari - October 12, 2011

I bought this shirt from the op shop a few months ago, didn't even try it on just went STRIPES and bought it. I thought I could rock, I really did. I couldn't. the neckline didn't work with the bagginess on me. So I never wore it.

The shirt looked like this. I only remembered to take a before photo after I stencilled on it!

The neckline gave me the idea to make it into a shirt similar to this that I have done before. I flip the buttons so instead of being at the neck they are at the bottom.

Woah. I look really mad!
I loosely used Dana's 90 miniute shirt tutorial, but I need to work on my pattern for the envelope-neck tee because it's too loose at the front.

Do you have any idea how uncooperative the little Monster is lately with modelling for me? I mean he LOVES me making him things, once I'm done something and I show him he'll go, "Waow" in his little 'my breath has been taking away' voice which makes my heart explode, and he is so eager to wear his new things, but when I try to take a pic, I BEG him to just stand for two seconds. Nope. He's off.

Seriously my new favourite photo of him
 "Please just stand here in front of the stump for a second so mummy can take a photo..."

He heard a plane

Then  Eddie ran outside

My friend reckons it looks like the hamburglar!

 So here is a photo of the shirt lying flat. I get this little French feel from it, so I call it Le Shirt. You all know I'm a dork, don't act like you're surprised.

I got the inspiration for the little mask from something someone pinned on Pinterest

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  1. Cute! My little guy is the same, its so hard to get him to keep still and take a pic.

  2. So cute! Love the stripes. Since Travis won't let me sew for him, I'm going to live vicariously through your fab boy sewing projects.

  3. I love all the cute things you make for your little monster! It must be so awesome to have such a creative mommy :D
    when I see you making cute things for him I get a little less scared and a bit more excited for having kids sometimes ^^

    the shirt is awesome!


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