Monster's Punk Vest

By ari - October 24, 2011

Inspired by the punk jackets my friends in Brisbane wore, I decided my Monster needed his own.

For once it wasn't hard to get him to 'pose' for photos. He just kept his attitude...
It was very easy, I used the bottoms of a pair of Tim's jeans, so they were scuffed and frayed at the hems. I made a basic vest pattern like in this tutorial, but left it open instead of having buttons.

Then I studded it with studs from an old belt I had that had broken. Putting some bleach in a spray bottle I sprayed it and left it dry overnight so it has the faded and worn look. Using various patches I had around, you can buy patches on eBay or Etsy, I stitched them on to the vest! Some I ironed on, and as you can see in the pic I do need to stitch them, which is going to be irritating since they're so stiff and thick.

The back I made a banner patch from some leopard-print felt. I was going to stencil something over the top but I'm not sure what yet.

The one underneath is a Dead Kennedy's patch I made from an old t-shirt I owned

[Linked up to Creative Me Monday over at The Southern Institute]

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. That's cute. I can't wait to have little boys!

  3. haha, he is the cutest little rockstar poser :D

    the jacket looks so cool. great job :D

  4. I swear, I went to a punk show this weekend, and some of the kids there reminded me of your son. Maybe a wee bit older, but not by much.

    So cute! Looove the Dead Kennedys, but alas we have no more DK patches. I made my son a Social Distortion hoodie though the other day. I wanted a Misfits one, but I couldn't find any fiend patches at the store I went to.

  5. Girl this is award winning stuff!! I am pinning this for later!!

    Xo Steph

    Ps I know you guys like star wars and bat man!! You should call past my blog and see what we found under my husband bed... GOLD!!


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