Robin Costume

By ari - October 14, 2011

EDIT: This tee now has a tutorial!

I decided my little man needed a Robin shirt to go with his other superhero shirts. That idea turned into a costume that he could wear every day if he wanted. 

If you didn't know, there have been several Robins! Only four of them I care about though :) Dick Grayson was the first [he became Nightwing], then Jason Todd [he became Red Hood], Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown [I do not love her] and then finally - Batman's own son, Damian Wayne!

I decided that the Little Monster's costume would be modelled off Damian's Robin costume, which looks like this...
Yeh he's only like 10...

I cut up a red dress that I never wore and a black t-shirt that had sequins all over the front to use as the shirt. Damian has green gloves with gauntlets on them, but I knew my little Monster wouldn't wear gloves, so I just made the gauntlets as cuffs!

The Robin symbol was from a scrap of yellow stretchknit that I stencilled [hurray Freezer Paper!][yeh I'm obsessed with that stuff now] black onto. I heatset it then stitched it onto the front of the shirt.

 The hood is attached to the cape, and is separate so he can wear the shirt with or without the cape/hood.

 I'm sorry, but this little Robin is too cute to fight crime today!

I'm writing up a tutorial for this shirt and cape too, and also working on a little green mask, so stay tuned! It should be up this weekend with a pattern too!

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  1. Awww how cute is he in that pic smiling!T

  2. Your little monster is so freakin' adorable! He looks very pleased with his Robin costume. No wonder, I would be pleased too, it is AWESOME.

  3. Very cool - my boys would love this.

  4. that's awesome! I love the gauntlets!

  5. so damn cute! his little smug grins!!!!!


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