Superman Hoodie

By ari - October 09, 2011


I couldn't find the Little Monster's only hoodie that fits him at the moment [he is growing and growing and it's only up! All his sleeves and pants are too short!] so I thought, blargh I'll just make him one!

A lot of my friends will be slightly horrified because slowly I have started coming to be a fan of the Superman. Now it will never be as awesome as the love I have for Batman and assorted other heroes, but I do respect Supes now, and I REALLY like Superboy, his clone!

Also all I had was blue fleece.

I used a hoodie that was a wee bit too small for him to make the pattern, then whipped it up. I freehanded the superman badge on paper first then used that as a pattern. I cut it out of red and yellow fleece scraps.

Awesomely the fleece was not terribly stretchy, so my 2 year old's big brain could not fit through the tiny neck hole I had made. I solved the problem by cutting a slit down the centre and then hemming the slit.

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  1. I love the hoodie! so cute, especially with the hood looking a bit like his cape <3

    I need to make one for my boyfriend ^^

  2. So cute! This hoodie turned out so well. The Superman badge looks awesome. I have to admit that although Superman isn't one of my favourite superheroes, I am fond of his costume/colour scheme.

  3. Love it! I think the unexpected slit makes the whole thing come together. Not only does it make the hood look more cape-like, it also makes the whole thing look super contemporary, like something you would even buy at Urban Outfitters (not that I see you as an Urban Outfitters type of gal).

  4. This is so cute! You need to link up more of your projects! Thanks so much for linking up with Creative Me Monday today!


  5. LOVE this! I have three boys. When I saw your Star Wars Month and Batman Week buttons in the sidebar I hustled to be your newest follower
    : )
    Jaimee @


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