Tin Can Luminaries Tutorial

By ari - October 23, 2011

Edited to Add more pictures of the step by step!

This took me literally 5 minutes to create [plus preparation time]!

We're getting our backard overhauled, and at the moment it's like an adventure to get to the wheelie bins, but we're getting a nice big entertaining area. And we're getting a trampoline. A big one.

Anyway we have a trillion and one ideas for decorating the new area, when it is completed, so I thought I would start making pretty things now!

I got a few cans from the recycling bin, one soup can and the two smaller ones are tuna cans! In this picture you can see I haven't painted them yet. I'm going to spray paint them black in the morning!

Super easy to make! I filled the cans with water this morning and put them in the freezer. We went and did things and when I came home tonight they were nice and frozen.

You will need a nail and a hammer, a permanent marker and a towel so you don't freeze your fingers {shush, I'm precious}

If the bottom of your can is out of shape, relax, mine all do this. We'll fix it up later.

Draw the symbol on with the marker.

Hammer the nail in just a little. Small holes don't let much light through, so I get the nail through past its point into its regular width.

Repeat along the line you drew

Soon it will look like this! Put it in the kitchen sink and run hot water over the ice on the inside to melt it all completely, shoudln't take too long at all.

Now let's fix the bulge at the bottom! Flip your can over.

Civer it with a towel and hammer it lightly over the bumpy bits. {that is not gold nailpolish. I was spraypainting. Again.}

Mostly flat + good enough!

I put the cans in the sun to dry completely, then hit them with a high gloss black spray paint.

Let them dry and tada! Here are the six I have made so far.

"Love". It's sappy I know but there has been a lot of Love lost between many people I know lately, and I wanted to remind myself that as long as there is Love in my family that is all that matters.

This is what we use to call Batman when there's no power and the Batsignal won't work.

Here is their home for the moment.

And a tea-light candle and voila!


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